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July 24, 2009


Fans want Cameron to make TRUE LIES 2 next with pal Schwarzenegger; then CRUSADE with Arnie because Schwarzenegger owns the rights; then BATTLE ANGEL with Arnie playing hunter killer Ido.

An equal value, equal brand - awareness. Better bows?

Battle for Terra did it before you did, James. You Leftist hack. And I didn't go see it for the same reason I won't see this self-hating Leftwing tripe.

TRUE LIES 2 would be the perfect comeback film to re-introduce Arnie to the young kids that never really saw him since he left films in 2003. It would also give Cameron a huge sequel non sci-fi event action film.

TRUE LIES 2 is the perfect 4 quadrum movie with comedy, action, suspence, drama... for all ages...but it still must get a hard R rating.

Spy films are some of the best action films to make (ie) MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE movies, BOND movies, BOURNE movies etc...TRUE LIES 2 would make so much money!

Jim, if you make BATTLE ANGEL next, you and Arnie should do it together. Fans want you guys to work together alot more now. You two make a perfect action team.

@MangaMcCredy :
Battle for Terra riped off the AVATAR treatment that's been around the web for almost a decade. They're the ones that stole from Cameron.

"hold a mirror to our own blighted history, where we have a culturally advanced civilization supplanting more “primitive” civilizations."

...says the guy who spends billions of dollars and piles of advanced technology to make ridiculously over hyped movies with lots of fancy explosions.

I'd love to see Cameron try to make "Titanic" with the technology of one of those "wiser" societies he so loves. Or live in one of them, instead of a massive, servant-filled Hollywood mansion.

Wow, "MangaMcCready" and"Jre". You sound very bitter. Did Cameron steal your girlfriend in high school or something. Or is it that he is doing what you wish you could? Lighten up, will ya?

So, it's "Dances With Wolves", but with aliens. Evil European-type Humans try to rape the planet of the Peaceful, Wise, and Otherwise Benevolent Noble Savages who have no choice but to fight against the Evil Humans, presumably while shedding a single tear.


How long is it?

That is the question about James Cameron's "Avatar," the science-fiction epic opening Dec. 18 that has been hotly debated for months, with rampant speculation that it would run over three hours. In fact, it will be well under that, at least in part to meet limits imposed by Imax technology.

The actual running time will be 150 minutes, which is two and a half hours, according to Bruce Snyder, president of domestic distribution for 20th Century Fox, which is handling the release of the movie. He said that may rise to 156 minutes when all of the credits are added on, but that would be the maximum running time.

I've watch it, and it the best movie i see this year

^^ Mfirzam, you need to take an English class.

Hi Guy's,
You sound very bitter. Did Cameron steal your girlfriend in high school or something. Or is it that he is doing what you wish you could? Lighten up, will ya?

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