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August 10, 2009


I think the argument about WATCHMEN commenting on comic book movies has little bearing on the positive reaction to KICK-ASS. WATCHMEN's tone as a trailer set up a "serious" comic book movie - mainstream audiences won't care about the commentary in either film from ads, but they will "get" a skinny nerdy kid in a (non-iconic) rubber costume trying to be a superhero much easier than a weird skinny grown man in a (non-iconic) rubber suit in a context that is trying to take the latter seriously. The failure of WATCHMEN remains being incomprehensible (or worse - BORING) to most non-fans, despite its attempts at gritty realism (which those costumes KILLED). KICK-ASS seems to be a movie about the wish fulfillment of superheroism and less the "gritty" take you are describing.

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