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April 02, 2008


Why would this be labelled the new 2007 to 2008 season? 'Cause it's, you know, ummm, well into 2008 already.

My Own Worst Enemy sounds pretty cool. Crusoe sounds great. Kings sounds awesome. Hopefully it gets picked up as a series. Merlin sounds incredibly awesome (same hopes for that one). Philanthropist sounds pretty cool as well. Listener should be good but may end up bad. Last Templar sounds VERY VERY VERY awesome. Too bad it's just a miniseries. Same with XIII although from the description that sounds more like a movie.

What happend to Cane?

When are the last 12 episodes of Criminal Intent going to be aired? If USA renews the show will the arrangement between NBC and USA be the same, first run on USA repeats on NBC? If so when and where on the NBC schedule would they be placed?

It's great the Selma Blair is credited with Hellboy and Hellboy II. She has been in other stuff.

Damn NBC, they just like to throw good shows like "Life" in the gutter. I mean just cancel it now because it will not survive on Fridays.

Cane is on CBS, not NBC.

Is Las Vegas coming back on NBC or are they going to just dump us at "to be continued..."?

lipstick jungle is taped by millions, it has a big female base. kim raver is coming on.new york locations give impact to the series . it has an excellent performing cast.its audience will build through the weeks and months. renew it.

A couple of times I thought "this must be a joke" because these are so poorly written. Half of them are so grammatically mangled that I could barely tell what they were trying to say. Ouchie.

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The article talks about control, what it is like to communicate with parents, Knowledge is a treasure

We like to think of ourselves as one big happy family.*

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