Leading ladies

Meryl Streep vs. Sandra Bullock: It’s the only real race in the Oscars besides best picture, writes Roger Friedman, who weighs in on which one should win -- and which other Oscar-nominated actress might pull off an out-of-left-field win. Full story


Producers welcome

After examining their roles on their films, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has approved the four producers of “The Hurt Locker” and three producers of “The Blind Side” as official best picture nominees. Full story

Q&A: Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo, star of top Sundance sales title “The Kids Are All Right,” tells THR how his brother’s death made him reconsider acting and almost derailed his award-winning directorial debut at the fest, “Sympathy for Delicious.” Full story

Mussolini mess

Cinecitta Luce, the archive wing of Italy's famed Cinecitta Studios, on Thursday vowed to sue any party that illegally uses its footage, a day after a hugely popular iMussolini application for Apple's iPhone was discontinued in the wake of threats from Cinecitta Luce. Full story

Williams loses suit

Robin Williams has lost his lawsuit against Gold Circle Films over his claim that he had a $6 million pay-or-play deal to star in “A Couple of Dicks” (since retitled “Cop Out”). Read the full decision at thresq.com.


Scott sued

R&B star Jill Scott was sued Wednesday by her longtime record label, which is accusing the multiplatinum songstress of skipping out halfway through a six-album contract and potentially owing millions of dollars in damages. The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by L.A.-based Hidden Beach Records, claims that the label and its founder, Steve McKeever, helped launch Scott's career and nurtured her into a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter but was unceremoniously dumped in October after a 10-plus year relationship. Full story



The red carpet is going to be a slightly less glamorous place this weekend. That’s because Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are skipping Friday’s Critics Choice Awards and Sunday’s Golden Globes. Full story

College rivalry

It may be worth noting, as NBC Universal’s Jeff Zucker and Conan O'Brien tangle over late-night programming choices: There’s history between these two Ivy Leaguers. In the 1980s, O’Brien was head of the Harvard Lampoon magazine at the same time Zucker ran the Harvard Crimson newspaper. And you don’t have to strain too hard to hear a resonance of their campus rivalry in their current face-off over late-night programming decisions at NBC. Full story

Sundance fetes

Before you head to Sundance, check out Risky Business’ list of the lounges and parties swinging in Park City next week. Full story


Big earnin'

Newlyweds Jay-Z and Beyonce earned $122 million together between June 2008 and June 2009, more than any other couple -- married or unmarried -- in entertainment, according to Forbes. Full story

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