November 20, 2009

1. The Adventures of Pluto Nash -- Top Flops of the Decade

Release date: Aug. 6, 2002
Estimated cost: $100 million
Domestic gross: $4.4 million

Eddie Murphy is some kind of miracle. Five of his recent films lost more than $250 million, and yet he not only still gets hired but also commands his quote. But on the flop-o-meter, one Murphy title towers above even "Meet Dave," "Showtime" and "I, Spy": Trumpets, please, for "The Adventures of Pluto Nash," whose release was delayed for 14 months. It instantly became the "Cleopatra" of our age. A sci-fi gangster comedy, complete with robot sidekick, set on the moon, "Pluto" was neither fish nor fowl -- but mostly foul. But unlike most stars who are tarnished by a mega-flop, Murphy -- who did take time off from broad comedies to redeem himself with his Oscar-nominated turn in "Dreamgirls" -- just keeps going and going and going.

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Lady in the Water

Wicker Man

Astro Boy
The Island
Treasure Planet

Astro Boy was a box office success in China, the production company of origin, so I would disagree with that particular categorization.

However, SPEED RACER for U.S. audiences might be apt for the list as well...

Without a doubt...Wickerman

Talking about Eddie Murphy, let's not forget about Norbit...

Norbit was nominated for a Oscar! lol....

Norbit sucked. But it cost around 30 Million and made 100 million. So it was not a flop.

You forgot zyzzyx road cost $2 million, made $30 bucks. Thank you Katherine Heigel.

Imagine That and City of Ember, 2 more flops and utterly terrible movies that deserved to bomb.

And Pluto Nash was a huge failure 4.4 made on a 100mil budget? Whoa!

Pluto Nash! I saw part of that and aside from having a revelatoin that might of worked in a better movie or a good comic book ala Stryfe in the X-Force books, it was like a big huge bad B-Movie.

Somebody mentioned the Island. I rented it and it wasn't half bad. Didn't see Speed Racer, the trailer looked like it would of given me epileptic shocks. AFter all it was made by the Wachowski Bro... whatever.:)

I think if I had a gun to my had and had to choose which of the top two to watch it would Battlefield Earth. If nothing else they have a bunch of alien characters who screw each other over and a planet explodes at the end.

The Four Feathers (Heath Ledger, Wes Bentley) was released in 2002. Had a $80 million budget and only took in $18 million at the box office.
It probably deserves honorable mention as well.

Pluto Nash has Rosario Dawson, Battlefield Earth has John Travolta dressed as Rob Zombie...ill go with Pluto Nash which was also much more watchable then I Spy and Showtime, I challenge someone to watch Showtime and not come out of it clinically depressed

Borat and Bruno must be at the very top of this list because they both sucked sewage through a straw.

I'm not so sure what people expect from COMEDY movies- I thought they were supposed to make people laugh. Pluto Nash and Norbit were funny as hell!

How did you forget the Alamo?

Budget: 125 million
Worldwide Gross: 25

that's far worse than most of your list. How could you forget the Alamo?

Who's EDDIE MURPHY? I've heard of his brother CHARLIE MURPHY on howard stern/sirius radio. That guy's got some funny shit.

dragonball evolution....the worst adaptation of all time!!!!!!

I second Dragonball being the worst adaptation of all time! I walked out of the theater, it was poop.

Borate made over $120 million in the fall of 2006 and was a critical hit.

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