November 17, 2009

1. The Sopranos -- Top TV Series of the Decade


HBO | 1999-2007
From its opening musings about ducks in Tony Soprano's swimming pool to its ambiguous and much-discussed ending, "The Sopranos" pioneered a new form of drama. Creator David Chase brilliantly melded the dark, violent world of organized crime boss Soprano (James Gandolfini) with the conventions of middle class suburbia. Incredibly, it dominated water cooler conversation even though, as an HBO program, it was available in only a small fraction of the nation's households.

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All due respect, you have to be kidding with this list. From the inclusion of a series that hasn't even shown it can be consistent for a whole season (MODERN FAMILY) to one that jumped the shark years ago (LOST) to the glaring omission of THE WIRE, I only have one question--did this guy spend more than 10 minutes researching this piece?

All due respect -- not including The Wire is embarrassing.

And if you're including Modern Family, you needed Arrested Development.

I know "The Wire" with its dominate Afrcian American cast and gritty real-life look at the drugs, cops,education and politics was not a fan favorite of the Emmy's, but show was routinley named one of the best show on TV for its entire HBO run.

I love the Sopranos, but let's be real there is a no way a Mafia Don is spilling is secrets to a shrink.

For anyone who never saw "The Wire" pick up the box set, especially season one and four and tell me how this show is not one this decade's best.

Other shows that should be considered for the decade's best TV show: Scrubs, Nip Tuck, Soul Food, Entourage, Angel, Buffy, American Idol, Glee, Everbody Hates Chris, True Blood.

Kevin Lockett

Oh, come on. Some good choices, but ignoring The Wire is ludicrous.

Wow, like others have said: No "Wire" or "Arrested Development" or "Battlestar Galactica"....Worthless list. Even moreso with a show that hasn't even aired a full season yet.

No "According to Jim"? This is nonsense!

Agree with the comments - THE WIRE is #1 Drama. ARRESTED is #1 Comedy. Even David Chase and Tina Fey would agree.

Without Deadwood & the Wire this list is incomplete.

No Dexter? Seriously?

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This list should have set a few parameters -- such as including only shows that are no longer on the air and saving those still on the air for a Best of 2009 list.

That having been said -- Six Feet Under, Everybody Hates Chris, Arrested Development and Everwood should have been included.

You had 24 and the West Wing but not Breaking Bad, The Wire, or Arrested Development?

Fire this asshole

how is it modern family can be on the list?
There is tons of comedy funnier than modern family.
I don't think modern family is funny at all.
They may be cancel in next few season.

Yeah, this is bullshiat. Starting with a show that has been on the air for a few months?

The Wire and Arrested development should have been the top 2.

Writer dude, you sir are an idiot.

This list is so dumb. No dexter, No Weeds, No battlestar, No wire. Wtf are you on? The biggest tragedy of em all, 24 better than lost??? Yeah your disqualified. Lost is #1

Are you on ABC's payroll? Seriously, it is not only risky to name Modern Family to a top 10 list after a half of a season, it is suspicious. Arrested Development was on longer, received universal critical acclaim and has influenced several comedies on right now including 30 Rock. There's also a movie in development for it.

If this is a new way to generate income by creating lists with marginal new series on them then maybe you should just list this blog under Google Ads along with teeth whitener.

Get a grip people, it's a top 10 list, of course some good shows aren't going to be listed.

Without Arrested Development or The Wire, this list is a farce.

How about Jericho? The only series to be saved in the last decade by the fans/

Modern family over Arrested Development??

Modern Family isn't even the best new show this year. Arrested Development needs to be on this list.

What? No (insert a show I really like)?

A list is a list, and you can't please everyone. Granted, The Wire seems kind of a given and Modern Family.. Not sure anyone would agree with this list on that one. The others however deserve the spots no matter your opinion of them.

Where is The Wire???? It should be on any serious top ten list.

This is the first time i have ever posted a comment to an article on the internet. I am just curious: is this one person's opinion or does the officially endorsed list of the Hollywood Reporter not have "The Wire" on it? I'm asking for real. Will someone tell me? Also, you guys should check out a show called "Arrested Development". I think it was on Fox.

No Wire are you crazy....

Damages are you kidding
Seriously who watches that show other than you and your mom....

No quibbles with rest of the list save Modern Family..if you are going to base its #10 ranking on the creators track record shouldn't Whedon's Dollhouse and Star's Cashmere Mafia be on your list.

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