November 17, 2009

10. Modern Family -- Top TV Series of the Decade


ABC | 2009-present
It's a little risky to pick a new show as one of the best of the decade, even after seeing about a dozen episodes. In the case of "Modern Family," the risk is minimized by the track record of its creators, Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd. At a time when most new shows are just finding themselves, this one has been so consistently funny, smartly produced and crisply written it has all the earmarks of a classic in the making. NEXT: Lost

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You are missing Glee!!!

Having Modern Family on a Top 10 list of the Decade's best shows after half a season diminishes the weight of said list. And ignoring BATTLESTAR GALACTICA kills whatever credibility it had left.

Modern Family is a great show, but I'm not sure if it makes the top 10 yet. Too early. Plus there were a few other shows that come to mind. I like the other shows mentioned. I would switch West Wing with Sopranos though.

So for the purposes of this list the decade starts in 1999 and features shows which premiered in or after that year.

And Modern Family premiered in 2009.

So, in the eleventh year of the decade the list covers. The eleventh year of the ten year period.

It is bad enough that anyone would consider a show to be a 'best of the decade' after only half a season, but it does not even qualify for the list.

Modern Family is a top show of the decade after <10 episodes, ahead of comedies that have demonstrated multiple seasons of higher quality, including Arrested Development and The Office (US or UK)? Which aren't classics in the making, but actual classics. I don't mean to argue that Modern Family isn't a good show, but after 9 episodes, nothing has hit nearly as high as the funniest points of the more established shows, nor had time to have any influence in this decade.

Ahh, shameless comment bait, you've done your work.

That is awful. What an embarrassment. No Arrested Development? The Wire? The Office? Freaks and Geeks? Deadwood? I could go on. Ugh. This reads like a list by someone who only reads TV Guide. Why not just put The Closer on your list and call it a day.

Also, yeah, Modern Family is cute, but wow, way to jump the gun.

Real talk: any list that doesn't include "Arested Development" or "The Wire" is automatic FAIL.

This show is of the Arrested Development vein. Seriously watch it and listen to the dialogue. Nobody is gonna overlook it like they did (and f'd up Arrested).

It's a good show

Family guy and The office are among many comedies that were overlooked as a genre

Is this list a joke? Made to create controversy to get more hits on your site?

You dont include the greatest show ever produced, "The Wire". You don't include the best comedy of the decade, "Arrested Development". But you do include "Modern Family" which has aired a grand total of NINE episodes so far, for a best of the DECADE list(And btw, AD was a huuuuuge influence on MF, if you didnt know).

Funny joke though.


That list without those series, it makes no sense

cadĂȘ Prision Break?? a melhor de todas

This has all been said multiple times, but not having the Wire, Battlestar Galactica, Arrested Development, or Freaks and Geeks makes this list a joke. If you had ANY ONE of those four, I'd probably be satisfied.

Hollywood Reporter, your opinions are bad and you should feel bad.

Not because HIMYM is far superior to MF, you're entitled to your opinion, but the inclusion of a show that has been on for half a season, makes this list worthless.

Where is Carnivale!?!
and i agree the Wire should be waaaay up there somewhere. And Dexter should top the list up somewhere

Where is True Blood? Where is Six Feet Under? What about Nip/Tuck (which was very excellent the first couple of seasons, was nominated for awards) I cannot believe modern family was on there. That is a joke

It is a bit soon to put Modern Family on this list, however it is a BRILLIANT and hilarious show.

Community better than Modern Family

This is one of the worst lists I've ever seen. Modern Family is good, but it's only had half a season -- no way does it deserve a spot.

Not to mention that The Wire or Arrested Development aren't even on the you even watch TV?

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