November 19, 2009

10. The White Ribbon -- Top 10 Movies of the Decade

Michael Haneke's "The White Ribbon," made in Germany while the Austrian director made "Cache" in France, looks at the Hitler generation when they were in knee pants. A small Protestant village maintains a strict hierarchical order, where everyone knows his place, yet an inhuman moral code holds sway. Again, much is hidden and Haneke is never one to resolve its mysteries. The youngsters have embraced the dark side of the adults' values and he doesn't have to explain where this will lead.

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So my question is how do they say who are flops by looking at how much they make but do not do the same for the top movies of the decade? Total BS!!

I thought this was a list of the top ten movies of the last decade. Where is the Dark Knight on this list?

The fact this list doesnt have children of men makes me disappointed.

Or Memento :/

One of the worst list u can ever come up have to make a list where people actually kno what movies you are talking about not some movies people have never heard of....

Wow, who knew Chris Nolan had such a rabid fan club??? Seriously, you need to let The Dark Knight go.

However, I'm surprised you'd include TWO Haneke films. Seems a bit excessive. Plus, if you include NO COUNTRY, what about their most recent film, A SERIOUS MAN?

How about BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN? Or the wonderful Argentine film XXY? VERA DRAKE?

I think any of those films could take the place of one from Haneke.

Great films and gives insight on the individual.
These lists should be personal as is mine:)
01. 21 Grams
02. Agora
03. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
04. Gladiator
05. In the Mood for Love
06. Oldboy
07. Slumdog Millionaire
08. Talk to Her
09. The White Ribbon
10. Yi Yi

Pretty sick of The Dark Knight hype. If Heath Ledger didn't die, people wouldn't be so ejaculatory about a comic book movie.

Granted, you are probably not the only one thinks that -- but how cynical can you be, Rusty?

Who's to say Dark Knight wouldn't have done the same or better had Ledger lived?

Perhaps the movie and the resulting slew of awards he won would have generated the same level of acclaim.


I am pretty sick of cynicism.

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