November 17, 2009

2. The West Wing -- Top TV Series of the Decade


NBC | 1999-2006
Creator Aaron Sorkin swore this show wasn't his way of making civics palatable to a mass audience but it did just that. Neo-cons ran the real White House during most of the show's run. On TV, though, a team of highly principled progressives operated the levers of TV government . Quite possibly, this unfailingly witty and intelligent series, packed with powerful performances, whetted the country's appetite for change it can believe in. NEXT: The Sopranos

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Great article... But I disagree. It's not Number Two!

Sorry, but The Sopranos is NOT better than the West Wing. 'Nuff said.

Without the Wire or Arrested Development, the indisputable best drama and comedy of the decade, respectively, this list is worthless. It's a nice list, sure. I agree that all those shows are top 15 shows, but it's just odd that he's missing the top two shows of the last 10 years.

Where the f**k is The Wire on this list, and modern family makes the list?

The West Wing nº 1 without a doubt.

And how come Six Feet Under didn't made into the list? Who cares about Modern Family? ¬¬

This list without Arrested Dev, The Wire or Six Feet Under is simply a joke... Well done.

Damages? lol. lol. sorry, you're an idiot.

Curb, Mad Men, WW, and Sopranos, good call.

Office, Six Feet Under, Rome - unforgiveable omissions.

The man who compiled this list of best series of the past decade has to be a high-echelon member of the four-I club: ingrate, imbecile, idiot and ignoramus. Why my vicious attack? Because he omitted the granddaddy juggernaut of them all: Law & Order. It may not contain the sensational, sexual, and relentless focus on the darker side of procedurals, but one viewing is never enough. It is rockl-hard solid and maintains a morality for the ages. Simply put, it is Gary Cooper and Gregory Peck while all the others are DeNiro, Pacino and Dennis Hopper.

Where's Arrested Development?! Battlestar Galactica?!

Modern Family is a horrible choice.

Any list without "The Wire" is seriously flawed. It is writers like this and their opinions make me glad that I watch less and less network TV and more History Channel, Nat Geo, and Discovery

As many commenters have said, without "The Wire," this is a joke. I watch or watched most of the shows on this list, and they are very good. (Thank you for including "Damages.") However, "The Wire" is, in my opinion, and the opinion of many critics (See: Entertainment Weekly; Alan Sepinwald, et al.) one of the top handful of television series of all time. Certainly it makes a top-10 list of its own decade. Come on, THR.

Without "The Wire" your list loses all credibility.

I like 24 but overall its been pretty lax. seasons 1 and 2 were excellent.. since not so good. Here is a good 10.
The Wire
True Blood

West Wing and Mad Men are very good choices also.

This list sucks poop.

Uhh, how about The Office!?!?!?!?! What the heck is this? Modern Family???

West Wing? Someone has a hard-on for liberal fantasies. Unadulterated shit is what that show was.

come on, where on earth is Breaking Bad!! West Wing, Damages....those picks offend me!

I'm certainly not the first to point this out, but this list is so guilty of omission I'm tempted to declare it worthless. I am actually angry right now. While I disagree with many of the choices on this list and particularly with the order, I am offended that this list does not include The Wire. The only real debate is whether or not The Wire was #1 of the decade. I'm not sure wrote this, but whoever it is, shame on your for what can only be called criminal negligence. No self respecting TV critic would have done that.

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