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December 31, 2009

Ranks for the Memories: Readers Weigh In

Arrested Ahh, the voice of the people. Thoughtful. Considered. Shrieking and witheringly contemptuous. This is what makes Best of Decade lists -- like our end-of-year Ranks for the Memories series -- such a combative pleasure for staff and readers alike.

We shared our expert opinions about the notable events and entertainment of the decade and invited you to comment. You, our beloved THR readers, did not disappoint.

While there was consensus on a few lists -- let's just say that the Internet isn't big enough to contain the number of complaints we got about not including "Arrested Development" and "The Wire" in our Top 10 TV Series of the Decade -- everyone, inevitably, has his or her own opinion.

And here's a selection of the most intriguing, passionate and wacky (all misspellings and grammatical fillips are those of the commenters):

Top 10 Movies of the Decade

What about Mulholland Drive, In The Mood For Love, Yi Yi, Eternal Sunshine, There will be blood, Spirited Away or any Pixar?
Posted by: Alexis

Dark_knight I thought this was a list of the top ten movies of the last decade. Where is the Dark Knight on this list?
Posted by: chris

What about Zodiac? Children of Men? The Incredibles? The Station Agent? Viggo Mortensen's work with David Cronenberg in Eastern Promises and A History of Violence also deserves a special little shout-out. Still, some good movies on the list. A fun topic to debate.
Posted by: Daniel Carlson

Two glaring ommissions: Brockeback Mountain and Juno!
Posted by: Wickedlycool

The fact this list doesnt have children of men makes me disappointed. Or Memento :/
Posted by: Wowsers

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December 30, 2009

Top 10 Rock Concerts of the Decade

By Erik Pedersen

Green_day_150x150 There probably isn't a more personal entertainment experience than a concert, so picking the best of the past decade obviously is purely subjective. After much deliberation, I whittled the list down to 10. Putting them in order took even longer, though there was little doubt about the top two. This includes only Los Angeles-area shows with a single headliner -- no multiple-act radio station concerts or big packaged tours. Video links provided are not from the specific concerts but live footage shot the same year; the Brian Wilson video is from two years earlier. Feel free to dissect this list in the comments section and/or post one of your own. Good luck with that. Click here for my top 10 Concerts of the Decade ...

December 29, 2009

Top 10 Biggest TV Biz Blunders of the Decade

Jay_leno By James Hibberd and Nellie Andreeva

Perhaps it's best to give the fine men and women toiling in the TV industry a pass given all the competitive distractions dwindling the audience from video games to social networking. And yet even with all the circumstances beyond their control, some of the decisions they themselves made were so memorably boneheaded that there must be a time and place to celebrate these milestone mishaps.

December 28, 2009

Top 10 Biggest Sleeper Movie Hits of the Decade

By Gregg Kilday, Jay A. Fernandez and Borys Kit

Juno_150 Sleepers come seemingly out of nowhere. They are the little films that confound expectations, attracting enthusiastic audiences that happily spread the word. Sometimes they come from the studio system, produced almost as an afterthought, but mostly they're produced well off the radar. On occasion, they upend the established order by opening at No. 1 at the boxoffice. But more typically they start small, building over time, hanging on in theaters as more heralded movies come and go. Often the filmmakers involved meet with initial rejection before wildly triumphing in the end. In the process, they expose the limitations of Hollywood's conventional thinking about what makes a hit. Sleepers, when everyone wakes up to their potential, tend to be wildly successful, resulting in boxoffice returns that dwarf their modest budgets. So, top sleepers of the past decade, take another bow.

December 24, 2009

Top 10 Most Outrageous Reality TV Moments of the Decade

Flavor_flav_150 By Matthew Belloni

Oh, how far we've come. The Reality Television Decade that began with Susan Hawk's "rats and snakes" speech on "Survivor" has ended with Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi getting punched in the face on "Jersey Shore." In between, these are the 10 most shocking reality moments of the decade ...

December 23, 2009

Top 10 Most Shocking Hollywood Job Exits of the Decade

By Alex Ben Block

Tom_cruise_150 Things in Hollywood are rarely what they seem, and almost never what is announced. That is certainly true when it comes to executives exiting high-profile jobs. The announcement will say it was voluntary, or he left to spend time with his family, or he was tired of the corporate grind, but in reality politics played a role in what happened far beyond what was made public. This list is compiled of executives, performers and others, all of who left prominent positions quite suddenly, at least in terms of the public perception. And in reality, none of them were looking to spend more time with their families. Click here for the most shocking Hollywood job exits of the decade ...

December 22, 2009

Top 10 Misbegotten Media Mergers of the Decade

By Georg Szalai

Sumner_redstone_150x150 Talk of media acquisitions and mergers can induce investor dizziness and fear. After all, the past decade has seen more than its fair share of failed pairings that seemed driven less by rational decision-making than an appetite for glamorous assets. Many led to conflict between top executives and/or featured promises of financial benefits that never materialized. Here is our look at the top 10 deals of the decade that have been booed by investors, maligned by analysts and questioned by many. Click here for the 10 most misbegotten media mergers of the decade ...

December 21, 2009

Top 10 Technologies Tormenting Hollywood This Decade

By Paul Bond

Ranks_redbox_150x150 Talkies. VHS. DVD. LP. CD. TV. 3D. Is it our imagination, or is Hollywood having a more difficult time wrapping its head around the latest technological advances than it had with earlier innovations? No matter. We're sure it will all get figured out eventually, and profits will resume an upward trajectory. In the meantime, though, it has been a confusing chore to harness the fantastic new digital advances for the greater good of the entertainment industry. In fact, many of them have been just a giant pain. So, without further ado -- our list of the 10 technologies that gave Hollywood the biggest headache during this most recent decade.

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