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December 31, 2009

Ranks for the Memories: Readers Weigh In

Arrested Ahh, the voice of the people. Thoughtful. Considered. Shrieking and witheringly contemptuous. This is what makes Best of Decade lists -- like our end-of-year Ranks for the Memories series -- such a combative pleasure for staff and readers alike.

We shared our expert opinions about the notable events and entertainment of the decade and invited you to comment. You, our beloved THR readers, did not disappoint.

While there was consensus on a few lists -- let's just say that the Internet isn't big enough to contain the number of complaints we got about not including "Arrested Development" and "The Wire" in our Top 10 TV Series of the Decade -- everyone, inevitably, has his or her own opinion.

And here's a selection of the most intriguing, passionate and wacky (all misspellings and grammatical fillips are those of the commenters):

Top 10 Movies of the Decade

What about Mulholland Drive, In The Mood For Love, Yi Yi, Eternal Sunshine, There will be blood, Spirited Away or any Pixar?
Posted by: Alexis

Dark_knight I thought this was a list of the top ten movies of the last decade. Where is the Dark Knight on this list?
Posted by: chris

What about Zodiac? Children of Men? The Incredibles? The Station Agent? Viggo Mortensen's work with David Cronenberg in Eastern Promises and A History of Violence also deserves a special little shout-out. Still, some good movies on the list. A fun topic to debate.
Posted by: Daniel Carlson

Two glaring ommissions: Brockeback Mountain and Juno!
Posted by: Wickedlycool

The fact this list doesnt have children of men makes me disappointed. Or Memento :/
Posted by: Wowsers

Top 10 TV Series of the Decade

Where is True Blood? Where is Six Feet Under? What about Nip/Tuck (which was very excellent the first couple of seasons, was nominated for awards) I cannot believe modern family was on there. That is a joke
Posted by: Lisa

The_wire The Wire isn't on this list, therefore it and everything you've ever written or thought about writing is null and void.
Posted by: Herb

I think Brothers and Sisters and Army Wives should be included. They are smart, well written and very true to life in many cases.
Posted by: Ellen Swercewski

Everwood belongs in the Top 10???? Are you smoking angel dust???? Everwood doesn't belong in the Top 10,000. I have home movies that should rank higher than Everwood.
Posted by: Anti-Terrence Moss

Waaaaaah, The Wire isn't on the list! I for 1 applaud Barry Garron for not kowtowing to the reflexive liberal "if there are poor black people it must be a great show" school of thought. Let's leave affirmative action in the schools folks. Wire was a good show not a great one. Go Shield!!!
Posted by: Kaiser sowhat

Top 10 Movie Flops of the Decade

Now wait a second---> I LIKED GIGLI!!
Posted by: Bennifer

It's so sad to see that American audiences didn't know what to do with GH [Grindhouse], it was probably my favorite film/s of the year.
Posted by: The.Watcher

Four_feathers The Four Feathers (Heath Ledger, Wes Bentley) was released in 2002. Had a $80 million budget and only took in $18 million at the box office.
It probably deserves honorable mention as well.
Posted by: Jason Thibault

You forgot zyzzyx road cost $2 million, made $30 bucks. Thank you Katherine Heigel.
Posted by: glen
Land Of The Lost was a good movie and pretty funny!!!!
Posted by: Kyle

Lady in the Water, Wicker Man
Posted by: orphie

Top 10 Technologies Tormenting Hollywood This Decade

idiots in charge of the business are worse than anything technology that could hurt the industry
Posted by: hollywoodisitsownworstenemy

I think Hulu will end up more a savior to Hollywood than a headache
Posted by: Bostonian

Top 10 Biggest Sleeper Movie Hits of the Decade

Where are "The Passion of the Christ" and "Fahrenheit 9/11"?
Posted by: Peter

Top 10 Biggest TV Biz Blunders of the Decade

Bizarre to describe Leno as a product that "everyone" loved. He was a bore. The massive failure of his new show suggests ghat many people agree.
Posted by: David Warren

Janet Jackson's "malfunction" looked intentional because it WAS intentional. The reason it got so much media attention and controversy wasn't because anybody was shocked by it, but because nobody believed the B.S. cover story they concocted. People will forgive anything except having their intelligence insulted.
Posted by: MacQuarrie

Dr_horrible I don't know, the writers strike did lead to Dr. Horrible, so it wasn't all bad...
Posted by: Brandon

Posted by: Matt

How about this? Heroes. Man, NBC changed Heroes from a fantastic show to a huge flop.
Posted by: Raked


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