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January 29, 2008

Video Exclusive: Sean Young vs. Julian Schnabel

By Borys Kit

It's the talk of the awards season: Sean Young heckling "Diving Bell and the Butterfly" director Julian Schnabel at the DGA's Saturday night, then getting the boot. The drama continued to unfold Tuesday when Young voluntarily checked into rehab. Now the Hollywood Reporter has obtained video footage from the incident: a clearly moved Schnabel on stage trying to make a speech when in the background you hear, "Get on with it!" How would he have reacted if he had known it was Young? You tell us.


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Hatred! Humiliation! Hypocricy! Keep up the great work people!

Who Cares

The WHOLE Hollywood culture is a pimple on the rear of civilization.


who are both these sorry mother fuckers when we have good men dying over seas!!!! get real folks................

Joan Crawford

Now, that's what I call Entertainment. Why don't they make movies like that??

Steve G

Do recognized directors need to obtain fame by shunning personal care? It looks like he combed his hair with buttered toast.

Paul Maul

Who does that jerk Schnabel think he is? Robert DeNiro? "Who said that TO ME?!" Schnabel should have shown more grace and given Sean Young the benefit of the doubt -- that she was drunk and didn't think she was talking to him, but rather to a fat, stinking, oinking pig wearing yellow tinted glasses. Easy mistake to make. People like Schnabel are why I hate the entertainment crowd.

The Fayze

I couldn't catch all of Sean Young's words, and she is an actress I love; however, it was rude to call out no matter what the provocation. Julian Schnabel's behavior may not always be of the best, but he was there to be honored as an artist, not as a gentleman and not as an orator. Since we live in a society that values courtesy and manners less and less, I'm not surprised by some of the comments, but I am dismayed.


YEAH FOR SEAN YOUNG!!! She said what everyone else was thinking. Julian Schnabel is to art and filmaking like hair is to the human soul. No matter what shape or pretentious form it's still irrelvant.

General Mortars

Sean Young heckels a hollywood prima dona director and gets assailed for it.
Sean Penn and Danny Gloves grovel and get on their knees for that "PIG" of a dictator Chavez and they are worshipped by the gullible imbeciles of the Hollywood left.



Sean Young, now more popular than ever!


Sean Young, now more popular than ever!

Terry Corcoran

Yayyy Sean! I'm as sick of these pretentious assholes as you are. Leave these creeps in the Art Therapy room at the local Hoo-Hah Hilton. Art, my ass......


Is this testing whether I'm a replicant, or a drunk, Mister Deckard?

Anyway, I'm just some philistine who had no idea who Julian Schabel is, but now I know he's a self-important, pretentious idiot. So rare in Hollywood.


Awesome! What has the world come to when someone has to enter rehab due to honest communication?


Wow, Jerry O'Donnell gets props and laughs for making a video ridiculing Tom Cruise, yet Sean Young needs rehab for doing the same thing...but to their face. Lets be honest...Julian needed to get on with it.

D. Kelly

That guy deserved it! He the glory.........of the .......big win. Get over yourself!

who said that to me? I am a god, don't speak to me!


The guy is a pompous buffoon who makes totally sucky films. He should also lose some weight. Sean Young rules.


If that guy wants to be treated like an artist, with the respect that goes along with it, he should act like a respectable artists, instead of acting like a buffoon with an over-inflated messiah complex!!!

Sean Young should be given a special DGA Award for interupting that obnoxious fraud of a speech, a tragic comedy of masturbatory self glory by a director with too much phallic ego, and time, in his hands. The DGA should take out a full page ad in all the trade papers thanking Sean for putting some sanity back into award shows...and for being bold enough to say what everyone else in that audience was truly thinking!!!

Sean, you shouldn't be in rehab right now, you should be running for President!!!


MRS. YOUNG WAS ON THE MONEY, "get on with it".



He's another "complex & slightly scatter -brained artist" who usually gets a pass at acting stupid & befuddled, but this time Sean woke his pretentious ass up!.


His film was great and he should have won.

Sean is and has always been an ill-mannered ass.


Julian Schnabel is a talentless charlatan kept afloat by the pretensions of 500 rich people and a corrupt art scene.

Sean Young, at least, used to be hot.



Your the best! We love you and your movies.

Stay strong.

Georgann Marks

I LOVE Sean Young - she heckled a Jew in Hollywood... oh the crime of it.

She is an outcast because she is so smart, tough and insightful. I bet the knives are out today.

Ya gotta love her. He is a pompous ass.

Jim in Florida

It's kind of obvious all these pro-Sean Young posts are being made by one person.

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