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January 29, 2008

Video Exclusive: Sean Young vs. Julian Schnabel

By Borys Kit

It's the talk of the awards season: Sean Young heckling "Diving Bell and the Butterfly" director Julian Schnabel at the DGA's Saturday night, then getting the boot. The drama continued to unfold Tuesday when Young voluntarily checked into rehab. Now the Hollywood Reporter has obtained video footage from the incident: a clearly moved Schnabel on stage trying to make a speech when in the background you hear, "Get on with it!" How would he have reacted if he had known it was Young? You tell us.


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What's up with the love for Sean Young and the hate for Julian? He's talented, unlike her. She craves for attention.


I gotta find out more about this. who is this guy?


Hard to make a decent speech with a writers strike going on ;-)


Bah! Heres what it all boils down to.

Sean Young is a milf (Id hit it!) and can get away with it. Julian Schnabel on the other hand is just another one of those artsy-fartsy types that get mad when you criticize their crappy self proclaimed "art".

BTW, "Diving Bell and the Butterfly" was an extremely BORING movie that was better at putting me to sleep than melatonin


Uh, that was me ripping on Sean Young, Deb-U-Taunt, not Tate. But trust me, I'm not defending that no-talent ass clown Schnabel. I just take it for granted that your average Hollywood artsy-fartsy director is going somewhat of a prick in person. Schnabel has an uncanny resemblance to my fatass unemployed neighbor who won't shut his fucking dog up at 4am, so it's no surprise to me his fat clone would also be a social retard. I was just amazed that Sean Young got through the crack security forces at a Hollywood event. Way to go, guys. What, did Frankie Munoz cancel at the last minute?

Pogue Mahone

I've rarely seen such a thin-skinned baby! He wants to take his toys and go home because someone interrupted his little kissy-kissy look-at-me drama session! Maybe he should put down the lipstick and get out of his little fully-mirrored room and acquire some modesty or humility or even do something for someone underprivileged somewhere. What an intolerably pompous ass! He doesn't even have half a clue how stupid he looks to normal people outside of his little fishbowl. And the other woman has always been a complete space cadet. The whole lot them would not be missed if a meteor hit the middle of Hollywood, but at least the country's and the world's morals would improve measurably in a flash in their absence!


The libs are angry because they can hear the hiss of the air leaving their political balloon and see on the horizon a huge sunami called John McCain. Bite it Libs.

Blue States

Who is Schnabel? What the heck is "Diving Bell and the Butterfly"? I don't remember it in the theatres.

Baba Booey

I smell a reality TV show....

Observer of The Sickeningly Self-Entitled

"Schnabel"?!? Is that a name? Or is it the sound that that soft pudgy young thing makes when he's not among the people he employs and pays badly to abuse, but rather when he's face down out in the real world being preyed upon by healthy self-sufficient human specimens? Can you just IMAGINE how obnoxious that guy must be everywhere he goes every day, from the time he wakes in the morning, to the privilege he demands from restaurant staff or peons or anyone he thinks he has a right to abuse? Typical Hollywood garbage - no concern for ANYONE but themselves! Served it right!

Wade Collins

If central casting was to create a more cliched, pompous, arrogant, fat & flatuent piece of human garbage its Schnabel. Sean Young,I love you.


So how did Schnabel's voluminous speech, as represented by the sheaf of yellow notebook paper (classy!) make it to the podium before him? Did the guy whose head he kissed leave it there, like a good lackey? I'll bet he sure enjoyed being infantilized by the ovearbearing Schnabel grabbing him in a wrestling hold and kissing the top of his head.

I already loved Sean Young for her beauty and acting ability, if not for her self-destructive tendencies. She is the only one in Hollywood who EVER tells it like it is, to her own detriment. However, it sounds to me as if for once her public outburst was justified. Schnabel seems to be a total ass. "Who said that TO ME?" (I am the great and mighty Oz .....)

DeLive R. Ants

If that dude isn't the Hollywood version of the Ned Beatty character in the movie Deliverance, I don't know what is! Lookee, this big soft one'd shore look good rollin' in tha mud, Billy Bob! Squeal like a pig!


priceless : schnable is a fat, dwindling phoney and SEAN YOUNG MADE HISTORY WITH BLADERUNNER


Sean Young is hillarious!

Pope Buttbiscuit III

"I know you. You're Julian Schnabel! You used to be in pictures. You used to be big!"

"I AM big!!!! It's humankind, God, the universe, and my underpants that got small!"

"All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."

"Set the camera at one mile just to attain focus."


Sean Young made history with Bladerunner? Ha ha, sorry zazza, but that's pretty funny. Ridley Scott made history with Bladerunner. Harrison Ford made history with Bladerunner. Sean Young had about as much to do with making Bladerunner great as the kid who delivered Subway sandwiches to the set every day during filming. Let's not start putting her up on a pedestal with people who, you know, have actually won oscars in their career or who can actually carry movies all by themselves.


"Sean Young vs. Julian Schnabel"

Who/what are these people?

The guy on screen needs a shampoo and hair cut and then another shampoo.


Oh yeah, what is DGA?

I enjoyed and agree with all the Schnabel abuse, but the blown-out lush Sean Young was outta line.

If you're going to attend these stupid affairs; kiss Joan River's box, smile at the dozens of adoring fans, drink your medicine,and drive back to the Valley.

Actually Rehab is the new hip acting school, I see plenty of work ahead; think Brittany with hot flashes. Call me.



This show, these people are newsworthy? Who actually cares about any of this? If you really care about this, then you need to get a life!

Not a sean young fan

anyone else remember when sean young wouldn't stop campaigning for the part of catwoman in batman returns? as I recall, she went so far as to make her own catwoman suit and virtually stalk tim burton.


b train

i love the pompous music as that fat fuck gets onstage to accept his award and self-importantly two-cheek-kiss the guy that's giving the award.

i have LOVED every minute of this strike, every time i hear something positive about it i cringe. i want you all to starve to death.

your movies blow anyay.

Johnny Hater

You are the epitome of what is wrong with liberal America. Just like Schnabel, you think you are the most important person in the room--always. You are a mean-spirited tart who believes that you are smart simply because everyone else is dumb. Your smarmy attitude adds nothing to the discussion at large. There are no "red states" and "blue states". In fact, a study by county would show that the vast majority of the U.S. is indeed red.


Hey Americans should be gassed, just so you know Johnny Hater is talking about you. And just as I said, your post just proves you hate everyone, including yourself you wasted piece of non-humanity.

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