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January 29, 2008

Video Exclusive: Sean Young vs. Julian Schnabel

By Borys Kit

It's the talk of the awards season: Sean Young heckling "Diving Bell and the Butterfly" director Julian Schnabel at the DGA's Saturday night, then getting the boot. The drama continued to unfold Tuesday when Young voluntarily checked into rehab. Now the Hollywood Reporter has obtained video footage from the incident: a clearly moved Schnabel on stage trying to make a speech when in the background you hear, "Get on with it!" How would he have reacted if he had known it was Young? You tell us.


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Disco Stu

Yeah,Mary Sean Young kicks ass!she is my favorite replicante(BR:final cut rules,finally shuts Harrison s mouth),i would like to "retire" her with my lofastz.She was victim from all this hollywood"Esque machine".If she wants,i will kick james woods behind ,to show to her all my affection.have a nice dreams..


"Why don't you finish my speech, darling?" "Why don't you suck my ----, poseur?"

10000 Bladenerds

She is absolutelly right!,sorry to say but..
schnabel is not human he is the replicant..




Sean Young kicks ass! She gave it toi that fat ponsy phoney.


Sean Young rocks; she's a total fantasy for me. She's not only a tantalizing beauty (Blade Runner, No Way Out), she's also the sexiest voice in Hollywood. Blade Runner exists because of her, and that's enough for total forgiveness for whatever follows. Thank God for Blu-ray... I now have Sean in Hi-Def since Scott's final Director's Cut. I've slo-mo-ed every scene with Sean in it... frame by frame... a pure delight. So yes, she _CAN_ act, stupid!! Pity they won't Blu-ray No Way Out :-(
Will some cool director _PLEASE_ cast Miss Young in a top role?
Next time she kicks a gas-bag in the posterior, somebody give her a medal.


I love Schnabel's films. If you folks hate him so much why give him all this attention? There are tons of artists and film makers who are less than perfect humans. I still celebrate their works of beauty. All you anonymous posters flaming away. Get a life.


Everyone has their own opinion, but I think the guy was justified to act the way he did. He seemed emotional about the award. I would have taken it personal as well. How many of you have made something be in the brought into the spotlight...and to be torn to shreds by others for the way you dress, or talk, or look. That's just me though.


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For those of you who are oblivious to the facts: Sean Young is a confirmed alcoholic and was a complete inebriant during that event. She was slobbering all over her partner and was an embarrassment to herself and all the guests at that table. Now, Julian's character flaws aside, it was very rude for Young to behave the way she did...I mean we are talking about an award presentation ceremony here, not a friggin' comedy show. Any director who've worked months on a project and got an award for the result deserves to be acknowledged for his/her efforts period.

If any of you ignoramouses have ever had the slightest experience in the New York art world, you'd know better that one has to have pretty thick skin in order to survive all the BS criticism. Props to Julian for putting that bitch down.

Jerry Weinberg

Julian Schnabel is nothing period.
His work is a testament to the stupidity of America.
He is the Adam Shandler of artists.
How, Why, What nobody knows.
A lazy fat jerk off who wastes our time.
Hating him does not make you an alcoholic.

Thank you Sean Young

Arthur Digby Sellers

director Julian Schnabel should be told to go home and take a bath before he's allowed to talk


That Was No Outburst!!

That was NO OUTBURST!! just someone who wants to get on with her life.



I'll be happy to talk to you jerk!!

The world should forgive you for lifetime of worthless crap.

I would have said SHUT UP!! or BEAT IT!!

Rotten Tomatoes would be in order for you.

The guy you kissed should SUE you for sexual harassment.



Van Halen

I can tell you because I know.

Hating a smelly turd does not make you sick.


That's what I say hurry up and stop kissing people you filthy piece of crap.

What do you think you did anyway?

Your the problem with America.

Are you too cheap to take a bath.

richard lemke

Schnabel is waaaay overrated as an artist. Just read what Robert Hughes and Arthur Danto say about him. He is also boring beyond words (just watch interviews.) He also comes from big money....Kudos to sean for calling out this phonie.

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Even thought everyone is titled to their opinion, neither of these guys will make it far. They are ridiculous.

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