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January 29, 2008

Video Exclusive: Sean Young vs. Julian Schnabel

By Borys Kit

It's the talk of the awards season: Sean Young heckling "Diving Bell and the Butterfly" director Julian Schnabel at the DGA's Saturday night, then getting the boot. The drama continued to unfold Tuesday when Young voluntarily checked into rehab. Now the Hollywood Reporter has obtained video footage from the incident: a clearly moved Schnabel on stage trying to make a speech when in the background you hear, "Get on with it!" How would he have reacted if he had known it was Young? You tell us.


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Hillbilly Monkey

"Posted by: per1 | January 30, 2008 at 08:02 AM

Hehe. All it takes is a link from Drudge to bring in the hillbilly monkeys. Their Fox News baseball caps barely containing the sweat seeping from their furrowed, Cro-Magnon-like brows, they angrily fumble through the muddy recesses of their puddle-deep minds, scoop out a fingerful of anti-semitic vomit, smear it onto their computer keyboard and toothlessly smile like retarded children."

Another enlightening comment from our drink the liberal kool-aid, "we know what's best for you and your hard-earned dollars" friend on the left....maybe Billy Boy will let you feel his pain, since he's already felt yours...unga-wunga-wunga ;)

Sean Stalker

Sean Young is touched by God. I read a great interview of her in Wired I think it was.

The whole interview she's bitchin and moanin about how she missed the boat in Hollywood and then as she is leaving a "starling" or some kind of finch like bird gets caught up in her hair leaving her to flail away at it walking away!

Gene Simmons and her should do a show of some kind. That would be dynamite. She would tear him a new one.


Sean Young’s wicked. Who can witness that and not be wowed by David lobbing pebbles at Goliath?

Schabeal is grotesque and unable to see past the mist of his self-importance.

Sean's career was crushed by a misogynist, poisonously manipulative industry before I was born, but since being introduced to her, her biography, and her dynamic interviews on youtube by this spectacle, she's one of the few actresses I'd go to the movies to watch.

And I’m guessing that I’m not the only member of a newly minted, rebellious minded, youthful fan-base. Money-interested industry leaders and courageous producers, take note.


Did I mention I'm named after a greasy beaner? Deport my ass, as I've nothing to contribute to society.


Heck, I probably would've said the same to him if I were sober!

Just Clarifying

To folks jumping all over liberals - didn't the pseudo-political rightwing Hollywood bashing begin long before someone so eloquently named "Americans Should Be Gassed" or what have you go on a tirade? Look, I'm a registered Republican, but good God Almighty, all the back-and-forth is what's wrong with politics today.


To all the people who came here via Drudge's link, cheack out a book called,"What's the matter with Kansas"

You're being manipulated by elitist Rupurt Murdoch types through his mouth-piece,Drudge, to betray yourslef and your self-interest.

It's not the "hollyweirds" who killed the family farm, it's the corporate food insutry, their pay-offs to the govt. which ended the ecomomic controls, fought for by your father's generation, and made it impssoble for our generation's small farmers to exist.

Diverting your class based rage to fatuous, cebrities is a hat trick to distract you fromthe real enemy.

Senator Jimmy Scortum

"And I’m guessing that I’m not the only member of a newly minted, rebellious minded, youthful fan-base. Money-interested industry leaders and courageous producers, take note. "

This is the dumbest, most non-sensical statement on this comment page ... and there are quite a few of those.

Brother WE

I recall a line from the Broadway Musical "Ragtime".
"Hey Schnabel, take your head out of your ass."
Whoa, A true case of Art imitating Life. Well, at least life in Hollywood.


Just shut up an take your shot so you can at least think in the morning.


What's news? Just Sean being Sean. Only this time she got caught in public. Sad.


I hope Sean Young is OK. The guy is an asshole and an awful public speaker. He's lucky most of the audience members are tools, unlike Sean.


Sean Young - You need to stop posting here, hun, and get on with what you are supposed to be doing in rehab.

I don't give a rats's ass about Julian Schnabel, however, if a person is going to attend an AWARDS SHOW, then that person had better be ready to hear quite a few long pauses, boring speeches and arrogant remarks from many unpleasant and narcissistic people. And do so in a bored but polite fashion, keeping his or her own mouth SHUT! It's common courtesy. What Sean Young did was inexcusably rude. When she wins an award, she may make her speech in any way she pleases, but when someone ELSE has won an award, he or she may make their speech in any way they please as well. If she dislikes the person's style of speaking, that's too bad, heckling is never appropriate.

Thankfully Far Removed

"Get to it" is what I'm hearing, and I would have said it myself, if I had the guts to.
To the FEW Julian Schnabel supporters, art imitates life, and the comments here are quite apparent. People are tired of being repressed sheep and going along with everything WITHOUT QUESTION. Sean Yong was a breath of fresh air and said aloud what EVERYONE was thinking but dared not become the center of "bad" attention.


What a pompous ass Schnabel is. Sean Young basically blurted out what everyone else was thinking. They just weren't drunk enough to say it. Liquour's good sometimes! Boo Schnabel!!


When I first heard about this I thought Sean Young was being rude. After seeing the video, I realized Sean Young was doing what was necessary. She was the only one in the room with the guts to say what needed to be said to that pretentious, painfully self-rightous "director". Awesome attitude! If I was a rich producer or director, I'd hire her on the spot! Too bad there are not more hot women in Hollywood who decline to buy kneepads for parts, and actually say what's on there minds. Sean Young rules!!!!


"It's too bad a lot of people aren't getting the point of this. Whether or not you like Julian is irrelevant - a 45-year old actress should know how to behave herself in a public setting better than that. There's far too much immaturity in Hollywood, and sadly this shows that it stems beyond the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. Grow up, Sean."

Well said.

Also it does seem to be the Sean Young fan club of one is making repeated posts. lol. loser.



Lee B.

How sad that The Hollywood Reporter aspires to be TMZ. Equally telling is all the folks weighing in on this that aren't in the industry. For all the complaining about "The Media" making fake celebrities out of Hilton and pursuing Spears, it's the yahoo's making mean-spirited comments like these that help this culture of dirt thrive.

Anonymity makes cowards puff out their chests and speak up when the shouldn't.

Wade Collins

"bob" you sound like another out-of-work- producer wannabe. Schnabel is a pretentious turd, and Sean Young was right.

Salvatore Blanccinni

Julian Schnabel the whole world knows who you are because of Sean Young!


all i want to know is - was she wearing her catwoman outfit at the time? cuz you know it's about to get carayzay when she's got the catwoman outfit on ....


Whether or not Schnabel is a pretentious bore is beside the point. Shouting out during an event is unacceptable. Sure Sean "chose" one person who "deserved" a taste of his own medicine. But what about the others who were on the receiving end of her shouting? She really wasn't being discriminatory, and had no other goal but to cause a disturbance and draw attention to herself. She reminds me of many current day youths who are the victims of liberal child rearing practices. Well, there comes a day when even victims must take responsibility for their own behaviour. At 48 years old, Sean should have learned basic manners from life's experiences even if her parents failed to educate her in this area. It seems to me that the rod was spared, and thus the child was spoiled. But it isn't too late for correction. She acted like a misbehaving child and ought to be treated as one. A good spanking would do her good.


Shcnabel is precisley the kind of sanctimonious, self-important bore who distances anything potentially entertaining or compelling from his audiences (both in film and on canvas) by his incomprehension of pace or timing. His public speaking is as deadly as his films. I suppose the fatter the buffoon, the bigger the Emporer's new clothes become. Schnabel has espoused the "honesty of art" (a joke coming from him). The only truly honesty came from Young (and the majority of the audience echo her sentiments.

Barry Hickey

Poor Sean Young in her cat woman suit 15 years ago, now this. But hey, she's still hanging in there, adding touches of humor amidst the dull plodding of new flavors passing through the invisible gates of Hollywood. Hey, she has a sense of humor. As for the director, it's only a prize.

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