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January 29, 2008

Video Exclusive: Sean Young vs. Julian Schnabel

By Borys Kit

It's the talk of the awards season: Sean Young heckling "Diving Bell and the Butterfly" director Julian Schnabel at the DGA's Saturday night, then getting the boot. The drama continued to unfold Tuesday when Young voluntarily checked into rehab. Now the Hollywood Reporter has obtained video footage from the incident: a clearly moved Schnabel on stage trying to make a speech when in the background you hear, "Get on with it!" How would he have reacted if he had known it was Young? You tell us.


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Dear Mr. Schnabel:

You live in a little bubble world in which it has clearly been deemed to be cool to be a phallus.

Trust me on this: Nobody thinks you're interesting. Nobody is impressed. Everyone considers you a walking (wobbling), talking (mumbling) stereotype -- the pretentious and self-aborbed "arteest."

Can you hear that? Listen closer. It's everyone laughing at YOU -- and applauding HER.

Have a day.

Darrell Kern

I have met Sean on several occasions and she is fabulous! I have run into her drunk and sober- and she is exactly the same!

Still she should not have gone to the event when she cannot help herself. Whether or not Julian deserved the treatment he got (Once could argue manners on both sides of the etiquette coin). Sean was there to get a job, she's over 45 years old (almost certain death for actresses, unless you have an Oscar)- so one has to ask was there a young, hip, fresh director who was impressed by her outrageous truth snapping to show she has the life inside to capture the energy of his next leading lady?

I hope so- cause Sean frickin' rocks! She must resort to dirty tricks to get work- Do any of you know how tuff Hollywood is? Not really- you probably do not realize how nearly impossible it is to stay in the game with Christopher Nassif as the emeritus slouch topping the bill at your talent agents office. God, I am surprised she didn't have to swing from a chandelier with a pickle in her mouth to get press!

When you are represented by Diverse Talent Agency you have to do something- because they are as useless as tits on a boar!

Go Sean.


Julian S. needed a knee to the groin but that would have done no good because it is certain that he doesn't have a "pair."
Somebody, quick, next time you see him at Starbuck's; throw a Venti Americano into his face!

Dennis Hart

I'm not sure which party belongs in rehab...

Andrew Zuber

It's too bad a lot of people aren't getting the point of this. Whether or not you like Julian is irrelevant - a 45-year old actress should know how to behave herself in a public setting better than that. There's far too much immaturity in Hollywood, and sadly this shows that it stems beyond the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. Grow up, Sean.

Young fan

SEAN YOUNG IS THE BEST!!!!! That guy is a bore.


"Who said that to me?"

as if saying it to you is different than saying it to anyone else.

What a conceited jerk!


Hehe. All it takes is a link from Drudge to bring in the hillbilly monkeys. Their Fox News baseball caps barely containing the sweat seeping from their furrowed, Cro-Magnon-like brows, they angrily fumble through the muddy recesses of their puddle-deep minds, scoop out a fingerful of anti-semitic vomit, smear it onto their computer keyboard and toothlessly smile like retarded children.


Julian Schnabel made terrible art. Julian Schnabel makes good movies. Sean Young is a charming nutter and shouldn't have done this.

But I loathe those narcissistic, disrespectful acceptance speeches from those who show up pretending to have not obsessed about the award for days which of course they did, then stammer and babble as if unprepared. Forest Whitaker did it at every single awards show last year. You are grown men, you make a living in art/media/communications, we KNOW you know how to talk. You're just not fooling anyone.


The truth is all these so called entertainers are not different than a whore. It doesn't matter if they sing, dance, direct or act. They are paid to do a job, just get on with it and keep your mouth shut. I don't want to hear your view on politics, religion or world peace. JUST DO YOUR JOB.

Jasper Johns

The guy has always bored the crap out of me.

mark jones

more Hollywood piffle.....what a laugh!


per1 sounds like another liberal azz hole who hates everyone including his/her self. Claims to looking out for the little guy that the bad capitalist is taking advantage of but manages to insult animals, baseball fans, cave men and best of all handicapped children in one post. Hate, hate, hate. That's all they know.


I used to work for him (won't say doing what exactly) and the guy was brutal. Sean baby I wish I would have had the koo-koo nuts to have done what you did. Maybe I wouldn't have needed two affairs and $20,000 worth of vicodin to deal with the arrogant pig.


Did all you people just come out of a NOW meeting? Sean Young is a psycho B-lister has-been who's desperately trying to rescusitate a career that was DOA in the 80's. My real questions are: who in the hell let her in the door in the first place and how did she get within farting distance of the stage? Don't these events have some sort of "celebrity police" in place? You know, to keep guys like Pauly Shore or Corey Feldman from sneaking in? Jesus, Sean Young doesn't have enough star power to get in the local Applebee's, let alone the Directors' Guild Awards.


Sorry per1, that was barnacle that managed to show their true colors. Colors that run in a mist.


Now I know why I don't watch these award shows. Why do actors and directors think they're owed something and anybody cares about what they're saying. A mentor, teacher or a coach these are people contributing to society not these idots with their inflated egos.


Paul H. that was priceless. I was LOL!

Greg Buls

1. The people posting comments here, by and large, are salt of the earth ass-kickers. Normal people see this schlub simpering and primping with his "buttered toast" hair (good one, bro!), and keeping all of the good people at home and in the audience captive to his little show, and wonder, "What is wrong with this strutting peacock?" Someone wrote that they were dismayed that there was an outburst, and that the people posting here are siding with Ms. Young. It's true that in a more gilded age, the audience would suffer silently through his little act. But in that age, the man would have been shunned, at least privately, by almost everyone watching. He might have been a duke or an earl, but people would have gone out of their way to avoid being in his presence. Today, he's worshiped by the hollywood crowd.
2. Mr. schlemazel met his schlemiel and hollywood pooped its pants. Someone get them a binky.


I can't believe he didn't wear his pajamas to the DGA, like he usually does.

They should have given him a broken plate. (art reference)


The guy made a beautiful film out of a great book. Give him the credit he deserves.


Yes, Tate, Sean Young is bat-shit crazy and it is difficult to pick an actual favorite in this battle, that's true. But I hate Schnabel's mental-patient art, his movies are really directed by his cinematographer and I met his dirty-leg daughter once when she was going with Viggo Mortensen. She touched my dress and I've never been able to get the grease spot out.

I'm going with Sean on this one.


Never heard of him and she is a lunatic BUT I will say that as soon as he approached the podium I could smell pretentiousness emanating off of my monitor. He stood there and absorbed the moment as if he was the damn Pope.

Sean, you rock!

Zip and Kate, you said it best. It's ironic how this entire thread supports Sean Young! JS was absolutely arrogant and over the top. That pseudo-haze facade went on and on and on. Sign me up as a new Sean Young fan. This guy had NO respect for the audience OR his peers.


"DrudgeReport links ensure the most uneducated, illiterature American fucks make dumbass comments. Great. Love to hear political commentary by some Goddamn turbofuck in Ohio who barely got a high school education."

There you go, another liberal spreading love for their fellow human beings. Why do they always have to resort to cursing??

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