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May 19, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Cannes Crush


The verdict is in from the critical swarm at Cannes that got a peek at the first "Indiana Jones" movie in nearly two decades: They like it, they really like it!

Well some do, while others are pointing up such problems as relentless over-the-top CGI and lack of charm. Brother blogger Steven Zeitchik is particularly tough on old Indy.

Oh, the hair splitting.

Here's the short code from processing a number of reviews of Sunday's premiere at Cannes: a wow beginning, a slow middle and an explosive ending. And Oscar winner Cate Blanchett rocks the house as a Russian villainess with a fierce bob.

Good inclusions: Karen Allen, giant Peruvian ants. On the other hand: aliens. Aliens?

Summer needs this movie, especially since Warner Bros.' "Speed Racer" tanked and Disney/Walden Media's "Narnia" sequel had a good but not spectacular opening this weekend. Can Indy snag the crystal skull and save the season? Hollywood -- and not just Lucas, Spielberg, et al -- is counting on it.

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