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October 22, 2008

Bill O'Reilly spars on 'The View'

Joy Behar was on a zinger-laden roll, Elisabeth Hasselbeck was pleased as punch to have a kindred ultra-conservative spirit on the sofa, and Barbara Walters tried to traffic cop it all.

Such was the scene on "The View" this morning when Fox News' $10 million man Bill O'Reilly showed up for a little (good natured?) chat with the klatch in which he called Barack Obama a communist and then told the booing audience to lighten up. "This is 'The View.' This isn't '60 Minutes!' "

We all needed that reminder, thanks.

But Behar got in one of her own, pointing out correctly that the perennial Emmy nominee is "in the New York Times on a regular basis." And she doesn't mean the Style section. And that O'Reilly has been drinking the Bush Kool-Aid for eight years. You go, grrl!

Burning question: Was Whoopi sick before she heard of the day's guest, or because of it? Too bad she was missing. We haven't reached our finger-wagging, head-bobbing quotient for the week yet.

"The View" hasn't won a best talk show Emmy since 2003 (with a completely different lineup), and its current hosting crew is trophy-less. But with its of-the-moment political coverage -- again, it's the entertainment shows taking the lead here -- we're smelling gold for next year's race.

Did Hasselbeck put it over the top yesterday with that "AmeriCain Hero" shirt? She designed it herself! And Walters called her on the carpet for it today, as did a slew of fans via calls and e-mails. Good stuff. Keep it coming!


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gloria galloway

I quit watching the view after McCain was treated so rudely, but last night O'Reilly had quips of his visit to the view. It was hilarous with Joy acting like a petuclant child when someone disagrees with then. Unbelievable she doesn't know what Barney Frank did to all of us with his underhanded dealing with Fannie Mae. She doesn't care what a democrat does.
Now to Sherri, saying and quoting O'Bama whining about he would be higher in the polls without FOX news. He has CBS, NBC,ABC,Ellen Degenerous, and the VIEW in his pocket, He sounds like a child that gets all the gifts but one. Heaven save us from the rabid liberal democrats and a democratic Congress. Tax and spend.


Obama has so many people mesmerized! He's a joke...The View is a joke! Behar is an immature brat! She needs to GROW UP.....People always treat McCain like garbage, but give Obama/Biden a free pass all the time...Is everyone drinking the Obama kool-aid?


The majority of the cast at the View are far left of the political center, one dimensional politically and without balance. It is evident by their rhetoric, that they either support a racist, socialist, marxist ideology leading the USA, or they are uninformed on the history of the world's current and past socialist, communist governments. As a registered democrat, I am discouraged that the party’s nominee has refused to supply pertinent documents to validate his eligibility status. He has also failed to make his college transcripts, records, college thesis, his associations, both past and present, open for public scrutiny. The press has failed the American electorate, fair and balanced journalism is non-existent. I will be voting Country First before party, the Republican Ticket gets my vote straight down the ballot.


Bill O is tabloid TV at it's best. He isn't capable of listening to both sides of an issue so, he cuts their mic. or belittles them. He acts like your average Joe yet gets whisked around town in a stretch limo.


I agree with trb. I have had all the idolizing of Obama that I can stomach. I still want to know why he would not agree to the town meeting debates. Could it be that if it isn't scripted he has no answer? Could it be that he's afraid to answer the questions of the regular every day voter? When will the lawsuit filed against him in California move forward? When will his discovery be ordered by the Court to be produced? Once it's in the Court record, will it become public knowledge? These are things that I would like to see!


The media is so biased that it is sickening to watch. How is it that none of Obama's questionable relationships with muslim extremists, racist pastors, Israel haters, former terrorists are ever discussed. It is absolutely crazy to me. People are so uninformed. Those of you who are voting for Obama need to know the person you are voting for. Study his policies and study his relationships carefully before you subject this wonderful country to his crazy idealogies. We are in major trouble if he is elected.

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