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November 24, 2008

Escape to 'Australia'


Expectations were rather muted, since we're less than 100% enthusiastic about Baz Luhrmann. Don't even try to explain "Moulin Rouge" to us -- it's been done, with no success; we still hate it. But we were very high on his "Romeo + Juliet."

But "Australia"?

All those rumblings in recent weeks about fights over the ending, last-minute switcheroos, somebody important dies, no, scratch that in favor of keeping one of the main characters alive and well and hence creating The Happy Ending. It was all too much attention to inner workings that, especially for a sweeping romance, we just didn't want to think about. It kills the buzz, you know? Early reviews didn't help that much either.

Happy to report, dear readers, that a screening this afternoon made quite an impression. A good one. Not sure we'd go full Oprah, but we were pleasantly surprised.

"Australia" is epic and beautiful to look at, it's involving and appealing. Awards bait? Golden Globes, possibly. Oscars? Technical categories, sure. But picture? Naw. A nomination for Oscar owner Nicole Kidman? We don't see any acting nods, unless that darling little newcomer Brandon Walters has a shot. We could get behind that.

As some critics have noted, it's the kind of movie that Hollywood rarely makes anymore, which should give adult women a reason to hit the multiplex instead of the mall this weekend. It's an escape, and who couldn't use that right about now?



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Drew Williams

I went to see "Australia" today and absolutely loved the entire 160 plus minutes. I hope it gets some Academy love, and in a weaker actress year, Nicole might actually would have a chance at a nod. More than half the critics that are giving this film a good review are also praising Nicole and some are saying it is her best work in years. I do hope Brandon Walters somehow makes the cut in the supporting category.

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