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jeter park



Well, there won't be another "Superman" movie now, anyway. Warners has aleady mothballed plans to do a sequel. The copyrights to "Superboy" are reverting to the Siegel family in two years, and the Siegels have already said they won't ask Warner Bros. to do that movie. (Watch for them to go with some pathetic indie film studio that will make the film bomb.) The Shuster estate is also seeking a return of the Superman copyrights to them as well.

Imagine: At least four projects in four years, with post on one film overlapping with pre on another. No wonder the quality of Singer's films is dropping fast.


I'm disappointed that Brian Singer is back because he can't even properly write a character like Cyclops. He can't write a Team movie.

And he's also responsible for the Death of Superman.


ts about time X-Men had some good news. Now Bryan Singer can attempt to fix the mess that Brett Ratner made of the series, with The Last Stand.


Kevin -- you're right that Cyclops got the shaft in the X-Men movies. But he's really the only one. I thought Singer utilized the team pretty elegantly in both his movies.


Battlestar Galactica! I can only hope it'll be based on the original series.


Ratner made a very successful X-Men movie in the wake of Singer going all "Wrath of Khan" on the second one like he intended to do with a Superman sequel. The guy's creatively bankrupt if all that inspires him is one Star Trek movie.


I feel strangely opinionated about all of these projects. I'm glad that he's back on X-Men, I wish he could make another Superman with Brandon Routh, I'm excited about Sellevision, I couldn't care less about Excalibur and I hate that he thinks he needs to make a Battlestar remake. I think that last point supersedes the others.


I wonder if Singer will be working with XMen producer Tom DeSanto on this new film. Singer has not had a success since he stopped working with him. I really liked what DeSanto did with Transformers, at least the first one anyway.


I have no idea why everyone bags Superman Returns - I thought it was the best of all the Superman movies to date and Brandon Routh was fantastic as the lead. Brett Ratner destroyed the X-Men franchise - who the hell was he to kill off some of the main characters in the universe? It was Ratner once again trying to make his mark, and failing dismally, destroying something great in the process. Singer's X-Men movies were great movies that set the benchmark for how a superhero movie should be, and was the reason we have enjoyed so many good movies since.


Well i like fantasy movies


yeah me too!!!!

Scotty D.

I have heard from multiple sources within the FOX organization that when Matthew Vaughn was hired to take over the X-men from Bryan Singer, that there was a two film arc/story that FOX and Vaughn were going to produce and complete. There was going to be an X4! It involved the Phoenix and that all the characters who were supposedly killed in X3 were not actually killed, but that they were somehow taken by Apocolypse just before they were supposedly killed by the Phoenix/Jean Grey and were either going to serve as Four Horsemen or become enslaved for Sinister to experiment on to harness their powers for reasons I wasn't told. When Matthew Vaughn took his ball and ran home, there was major rewrites on the X3 script once Ratner was hired to only make one film. At that time and with that short of prep time for a new director, Ratner was the most experienced guy who could do it, though i'm told even Rothman wasn't happy at all with Ratner, but he had no choice. He had the film due out in May of '06 and production needed to get going to become completed. Also, he knew the film no matter the quality was going to be the motherload financially. So the decision was made to continue with X3 and not X4. And no X4 meant no Apocolypse. So instead the consensus is that all the characters who were disintegrated by Phoenix in X3, are officially dead.


dear brian!

please give BSG a rest. altough the tvseries was not so good in the last season, they take on BSG was pretty amazing. they went retro, and displayed a realistic future (no laser beams, no aliens, old style telephones) a complete different concept with less kitsch! the cast was so wonderful even if the episode sucked (which at the beginning rarely happend) it was just a pleasure to watch these people act! the effects were good and ronald d moore, he is really one of us ! a geek and sci fi lover and a classic culture and pop culture intellectual - he really poored his heartblood in!!!! together with the crew in and with vancouver they have really brought usvery special television with an epic story! i dont understand why it never went supernova (here in europe never really made it into the counsciousness of the public) but it must have been some network mumbojumbo and less promotion whatever. BSG is till gleaming via The Plan and Caprica and DVD sales... you cannot do really have here a alternative timeline with different versions of BSG that would nobody take serious - its just too star trek! and a new version would just ignore the last version and that would piss of a lot of fans and its just doenst make sense.
you and ronald should rather find a way and try to expand the last version, reimagine the reimagination guys. the cast is so great, they are still young - try to put really money on screen like star trek did now. refit the galactica - make the cylon robotic again with some leaders that are humancylons and make the more menacing!!! let them battle for earth please try to find a solution for that tv-ending to ressurect the BSG. i also accept, that it was all in baltars head and they are back on new caprica etc.!!! it was all a dream!!! but please do it that way!

with best whishes for vienna, austrian

John M

I'm happy to hear that Bryan Singer is returning finally to X-Men! I love the franchise and can't wait to see "First Class". I hope Singer does more X-Men after that aswell. Please let Bryan [Singer] direct X-Men 4 once all the prequels are done!

- John M


Singer's Superman has been unnecessarily slammed. It was not a bad movie at all, it just needed a follow-up quickly to address what was a foundation story. I am sad we'll never see what story that had Superman's involved would be like. Hollywood Sucks!


This show is simply amazing. It's beautifully written, the story is riveting, and Starbuck is hot. What more could a sci-fi fan want? Highly recommended. The box set is pretty cool, too. Every episode (some extended), every extra clip, commentary, and it came with it's own Cylon.


Very enjoyable. Like your article. That's what I am looking for.


It's amazing how many different variation of the X-men they will come out with. But hey, if it sells then push it all the way. You know people will buy it no matter what. I have been a fan of the X-men since a youth and just prefer the originals. Thanks for sharing.

Jeff Archuleta

Expertly shot & edited. Done with so much insight & attention to detail that most women who see it can't believe it was created by a man.
jeff, great job on your short.
> very clean. i am impressed
> peace

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