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valentines day

wow....Awesome images.I have read this post and I would say Downey's quite a bit older then Holmes was in the originals.By the way great post.Enjoy!!!

Rick Zubrycki

Very cool story. Too bad the author is such a nerd. And Ukranian. A fatal combination. I say we get together and write a graphic novel about him choking on a deadly perogie then drowning in a vat of his mother's borscht. Now THAT'S a blog I'd read about!

Down with Borys!

The Vindicator

That last comment was poignant, intelligent and media savy. I too would read such a blog and find the bit about Borys's mother's borscht particularly gooey with poetic irony. Well played Zubrycki! Well played! Your take on the graphic novel rocked me out of the tedium with which this otherwise uneventful blog threatened to rock me to sleep.

Kevin Parr

I believe the artist here is John Watkiss, not Watkins.

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