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This seemed to be the case for me late last night. Everyone seemed to be headed into Paranormal Activity instead of Saw VI. I went to see Saw VI because I'd seen Paranormal Activity,two weeks ago (thought it was good- not totally awesome but good). BTW, Saw VI better than Saw V.


Adam Goodman is a very smart president. His decision to put up a 1 million dollar fund to make 10 micro budget films is smart. I mean if none of them work, Paramount wouldnt lose any money at all.


"Paranormal Activity" was good when you factor in what the budget was, but I felt it was fairly predictable and not very scary. However, I did see it after the hype and I've seen a lot of horror movies before.




Paranormal activity was okay, i didn't love it but i was impressed with how it came out, now i'm just dissapointed. sequels to these type of "found footage" films just.. don't work (i'm talking blair witch 2, which ultimatly destroyed the story.. anyone remember seeing commercials for Blair Witch 3? i did. didn't come out). not to mention the fact that i stopped watching SAW after third, their just beating a dead horse at this point.


I'm not sure this million dollar movie plan is a smart one. I think the better strategy is to ensure that when something low-budget and hot like "Paranormal Activity" comes around, your studio is the place where those filmmakers come. I'm not sure a studio could create these low-budget blockbusters at will. The success of "Paranormal Activity" was a miracle. You don't easily mass-produce miracles.

Jim Jones

I'm not sure which news is worse, that they're making a Paranormal Activity 2, or that it will be directed by one of the hacks behind the Saw franchise. On the bright side, one can avoid both franchises by skipping a single flick.

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I like watching the first film. I bet the sequel would just as great or even better.


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