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I'm not too stoked about a Spiderman. I loathed the last one. I wasn't too crazy about the first one either. The only one I actually enjoyed was the 2nd one. They should just leave well enough alone....

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There was time when I took an active interest in the oil price. I made the classical economic assumption that the price was predominantly set by the ironclad laws of Supply & Demand. Not anymore. I can go for weeks now without knowing what the price is. But my curiosity was renewed yesterday when I noticed that a barrel of oil

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We took Aidan to Dr. Volpe in Houston last week--instead of Thoughtful House in Austin. Nothing against TH, I just wanted a more affordable option & wanted a more natural approach to his treatment. We may go there one day but are pleased with his progress thus far. We are not going back to GFCF diet at the moment.

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