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May 30, 2008

The best 'Recount' comments

The HBO "Recount" ratings story garnered more than 400 reader comments, most fueled by a link from Drudge Report. Here are some of the most enlightening and/or entertaining:

-- "New York and Los Angeles talk to each other through HBO and most other media outlets. It's a conversation none of us normal American citizens care to listen in on. It's like wanting to overhear the ranting of angry lunatics in the street." -- RalphSchmalph

-- "There was the original vote count. Bush won. Then the machine recount. Bush won. Then the hand recount mess. Bush still won. Then the lawsuits in Florida and the US Supreme Court. Bush won the election. Since then, Democrats have perpetuated the myth that the election was stolen from Al Gore.” – Patrick C.

-- "Good Movie! Painful to watch it happen again though. Being reminded how the Supreme Court appointed Bush sucks. HBO must have made a good movie to have all these hysterical conservatives crying in their beer here on the 'internets.' " -- Alex_J

-- "I canceled HBO because of this movie. Screw all the leftist companies. HBO's owner Time Warner is the next to be canceled by me." -- RCB

-- "You are possessed by your TV set. The talking head knows it. Toss the TV in the landfill, and the pop culture bilge will follow. You will harness clear thinking and better focus on matters of substance." -- Zedster

-- "Ironically enough, just 8 years later, the democrats, supposed 'counters of all votes' are now locking out  very large states from having their say in the primary! What a bunch of useless hypocrites." -- Billy Deez

--- "What's done is done and the movie is pretty much what I expected from leftist film makers. All the wishing and regret will NOT change what is done. AL GORE is now high priest of the Church of the Global Warming so I think he fared pretty well. President Bush has made huge mistakes, but then again what president hasn't. (Serbia anyone?). It doesn't matter who wins in November, it will be business as usual. As long as the government leaves me the hell alone, I could care less about dying foreigners or idiots losing their homes. Peace." -- Edge

-- "Well, if anything, this thread proves that it's not just intellectuals that subscribe to HBO." -- Nick

-- "Didn't watch it. I knew how it came out." -- Robert Gambs

-- "The general population neither cares about the recount nor remembers it; the ones that do remember either have a personal grudge concerning the matter or remember the victory. The victors have little reason to watch. The sour grapes crowd should have gotten over it by now and moved on." -- Nostromo

-- "Yeah guys ... c'mon...get over it. It's only a stolen election which led to an illegal war being waged which led to the death of tens of thousands of people. Why are you making such a big deal out of it still? Tell ya what my right wing nutjob friends -- I'll stop talking about stolen elections if you stop talking about Jesus, who died about 2,000 years ago by most accounts. It's history, just let it go!" -- Chris

-- "This was billed as a Democratic wet dream, but I thought it was a balanced review of what happened in FL. It's obviously the Republicans understood what was at stake right away and came to the table fully suited up and ready to play. The Dems were playing a constant game of catch-up. Despite all the arching eyebrows and such over the top scripting -- 'I can't believe this is happening!' -- the show was aimed at political junkies which in my view explains the relatively low ratings.” --  Dennis

-- "The numbers don't mean anything. HBO airs shows over and over. I almost never watch a show on the night it 'premieres.' Completely irrelevant. The posts don't mean anything either. Some people have too much time and not enough education. Read a book." -- boredbythenoise

-- "You know when I will sign up to pay for TV viewing? When the show is about hollywood coke-fiend leftist traitors starving on the street, panhandling, and getting kicked in the teeth most unmercifully for asking for an old apple core an American is about to discard. When they show skanks being flung from bridges into san francisco bay... When they have mr chappaquiddick rolling on the floor in agony begging anyone to pull a trigger because his head hurts, and the doctors and nurses, and other Americans in the room turn their backs, and nudge it under the counter so they need not trip on it. ... THAT would be television worth watching!!!" -- ralphy

-- "Hi Drudge Reporters. Hate much? Nobody said you had to watch it. Say hello to heaven." -- VoiceofReason

-- "The Republican Party has led us to the brink of ruin, but you continue to believe every talking point that you suckle from the Fox News teat. I feel sorry for you that you continue to blindly follow and vote against your own best interests. The really sad thing is that you drag the rest of us down with you. Just try to step back and put your partisanship aside for a week or two. Just set it aside and look at the big picture, question your current news source and think about both sides of an issue for a freaking change. Its billionaires vs the working class, and we are all in this together. Stop selling us out by buying their BS. Have you noticed that they only talk about abortion in election years? They had full control of washington for YEARS, passed anything they wanted, didn't touch abortion, do you ever wonder why? Cheese and Rice you people are crazy! Come back to reality brothers and sisters." -- Blind Partisan Ignorance


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