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July 01, 2008

'Jericho' fans bombard Hollywood Reporter

As promised, The Hollywood Reporter received a whole lotta nuts on Monday.

About 1,050 pounds of nuts flooded the THR mailroom, causing rampant chaos -- if "rampant chaos" can be defined as annoyed mailroom employees having to maneuver around 42 boxes of nuts.

Jericho_nuts "Jericho" fans famously bombarded CBS last year with about 50,000 pounds of nuts to help persuade the network to pick up the show for a second season. CBS executives -- displaying a mix of pride and annoyance -- donated the nuts to charitable causes.

THR, however, is not a fancy broadcast network with a private commissary and neighboring The Grove, but an oft-frantic Mid-Wilshire newsroom. When you're on a daily deadline and have skipped lunch because Tim Russert died, you need a desk drawer stocked with protein. Deliveries of free snacks, in other words, tend to be attacked like a UNICEF airdrop. So one of the 25-pound boxes of nuts that was brought to the newsroom was well-received, and by Tuesday several other boxes had vanished from the mailroom.   

"Tell them to send some Luna Bars next time," one staffer said.

"If you write about this, then the terrorists win," warned another.

Still, 1,050 pounds is more nuts than even hypoglycemic reporters can handle, and THR is chatting with CBS on nut donation strategies.

The nuts are from a group called the Jericho Rangers, which recently spent more than $6,000 to air a "Save Jericho" commercial and buying billboards and ads urging the Powers That Be to pick up a third season somehow/somewhere. At this late date, we're not sure exactly what good sending nuts to THR will do. This post in itself will likely be regarded to some extent as Mission Accomplished, making their point that, yes, some fans still care about "Jericho" and want to see more of the show. But the amount of money to pick up an ambitious broadcast series and reassemble a cast isn't, well, peanuts.

So in the meantime, how about somebody launch a social networking site called Moonlight Rangers that pairs up the fans of "Moonlight" and "Jericho"? They could join each other's respective series resurrection campaigns, dish about CBS and discuss the merits of small-town life in Kansas vs. living forever in New York City. Just don't send us any garlic, OK?

UPDATE: "Are they fresh or roasted?" -- actual question asked by a local homeless shelter interested in taking possession of the nuts.


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