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August 20, 2008

NBC commentators vs. volleyball-hating viewers

82384158 So how is NBC's Beijing Olympics coverage so far? Depends who you ask. Here's some quotes from an NBC Beijing Olympics coverage team and some feedback from The Live Feed comment board (culled from posts here, here and here).

NBC's Mary Carillo on the network's variety of coverage: "There's just some crazy sports ... My sister called me up a couple a days ago, she was watching team handball. She had never before seen it ... the steeplechase, it's the nuttiest sport you've ever seen. The nice thing about being at the broadcast center 15 hours a day is that you actually get to follow these stories and keep up with them."

Reader Brent on NBC's variety of coverage: "Volleyball, volleyball, volleyball, followed by more volleyball. Bump, set, spike times a million. With just 2 players per side. BORING!"

NBC's Chris Collinsworth on the U.S. athletes: "There has been nothing but first class kids from top to bottom representing our country. It gives me a great sense of pride as I get a chance to go out and meet them."

Reader Palo on the U.S. athletes: "Too much beach volleyball. NBC would have done even better if they hadn't OVERDOSED with that duo of Kerri Walsh/Misty May on the screen every night during primetime. Some NBC executives probably thought men want their T&A every night. But those women look like the jolly green giants."

NBC's Bob Costas on the nature of the Olympics: "This is one of the fundamental things of the Olympic Games. In the vast, vast majority of sports, there is no attention, there is no glamour in the four years leading up to the Olympics, there's only solitary dedication ... and then there's a moment like this."

Reader ML on the nature of the Olympics: "Enough volleyball already! There are other sports and other players worthy of coverage! We're showing our 6-13-yr-old kids old vacation movies at this point since the only alternative is beach volleyball again. What's wrong with NBC?"

Costas on how viewers can stay up late to watch key events: "Stay hydrated ... tell yourself you only need four hours of sleep -- really ... wear sunglasses to hide red eyes ... Crank up your iPod and listen to anything Michael Phelps does ... skip work."

Reader Kalliope on staying up late to watch key events: "I've watched a lot of beach volleyball, in an attempt to stay awake to watch the events I'm really interested in seeing. I have failed every night thus far ... it's USA women's Misty May-something and her partner what's-her-name. Night-after-night. Have they won yet? At one point I had to check my television because I thought I might have landed on the Beach Volleyball channel."

NBC’s Steve Kearney on Olympic badminton: "The expectation level so high. The emotions come out of Lin Dan ... roars of approval from the Chinese badminton fans in Beijing … that's showmanship. That is showmanship. Oh, they love him.”

Reader “Family Reunion sports should not be Olympic sports” on Olympic badminton: “WTF is up with sand volleyball and badminton being Olympic sports? Any sports my 75 Grandma can play at my family reunion should not be an Olympic sport. What's next? Horseshoes, Lawn Darts, Croquet? Sack Races? Egg Toss? Memo to NBC: I don't give a darn about Volleyball. PLEASE MAKE IT ALL STOP!!!”


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