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April 14, 2009

Bravo picks up four shows, including Parker's 'Artist'

Bravo team By Nellie Andreeva

Fashion, design, cuisine and real estate continue to rule on Bravo.

At its upfront presentation Tuesday in New York, Bravo announced series pickups for a quartet of new reality shows, including the Sarah Jessica Parker-produced "American Artist," and several projects in development, including a docu-series from husband and wife Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

All of them in the areas that put Bravo on the map with "Queer Guy for the Straight Guy," the recently departed "Project Runway," "Top Chef," "Flipping Out" and the "Real Housewives" franchise.

And after years of branding itself as a nonscripted destination, Bravo for the first time is venturing into scripted development with two projects that also share the themes of the channel's unscripted fare.

Bravo's only exposure to scripted programming in the past had come from its handful of off-network acquisitions, including "Six Feet Under" and "The West Wing."

One of the channel's two scripted series in development, "Blueprint," hails from "Six Feet Under" alum Laurence Andries and Alloy Entertainment. It is a serialized dramedy following the lives of two best friends -- one straight, one gay -- who own New York's hottest architecture and interior design firm.

"30 Under 30," from Jonathan Prince and Alana Sanko, revolves around young, influential New York up-and-comers, including a sexy young chef, a gossip blogger, an avant garde artist and a high end real estate agent.

Bravo's series orders include Parker's "American Artist," a "Project Runway"-style competition series set in the art world; "Design Sixx," about a husband-and-wife real estate makeover team; "Kell on Earth," about a fashion publicist; and "Launch My Line," in which 10 fashion designers pair with famous names to launch a clothing line.

Two of the series, "Artist" and "Kell," are produced by Magical Elves, the production company behind Bravo's signature series "Project Runway," which, after a prolonged legal battle, is moving to Lifetime this summer, following the launch of Bravo's new "Fashion Show."

Bravo's projects in development include "Eric B," about celebrity florist celebrity event planner and florist Eric Buterbaugh, which is exec produced by Moore and Kutcher and Jason Goldberg's Katalyst Media, as well as "Jackie's Gym Takeover," with "Work Out" star Warner revamping gyms; "Laura Bennett," a doc series about the fashion designer; "Secret Life of Supermodels," featuring supermodels Carol Alt, Maggie Rizer, Frederique Van Der Wal, Mariel Hemingway, Irina Pantaeva and Patricia Velasquez; and "Social Heights," about a group of Manhattan social climbers.

Full descriptions:


AMERICAN ARTIST (working title)
Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner Sarah Jessica Parker and her production company, Pretty Matches, will team with the Emmy-nominated Magical Elves ("Top Chef," "Project Runway") and Eli Holzman, to produce "American Artist" (wt), an hour long creative competition series among contemporary artists. "American Artist" will bring together twelve aspiring artists to compete for a gallery show, a cash prize and a sponsored national tour.  In each episode, contestants will create unique works of art highlighting art's role in everyday life, while they compete and create in a range of disciplines including sculpture, painting, photography and industrial design (to name a few).  In working beyond their preferred mediums, artists will have to adapt quickly to changes in order to succeed. Completed works of art will be appraised by a panel of top art world figures including fellow artists, gallerists, collectors, curators and critics.  The finalists' work will be showcased in a nation-wide museum tour. "American Artist" is produced by Magical Elves and Pretty Matches for Bravo. Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alison Benson and Eli Holzman serve as executive producers.

DESIGN SIXX (working title)
Husband and wife design team Cortney and Robert Novogratz have made it their business to seek out abandoned buildings across Manhattan. Their company, Sixx Design, has established an international reputation by taking those buildings and transforming them into multi-million dollar living spaces. But the Novogratz's are anything but your typical house-flippers. In addition to living in each of the homes they flip, the couple brings along their six children all under the age of 11 and Cortney is pregnant with a seventh child on the way. Life is chaotic for the family, but from chaos comes clarity with Cortney and Robert and their design team. "Design Sixx" (wt) is produced by Left/Right for Bravo. Ken Druckerman and Banks Tarver serve as executive producers.

KELL ON EARTH (Working Title)
Kelly Cutrone has been called one of the "coolest, scariest and New York-iest people ever" and, judging from her frank demeanor and fashion world credibility, it's easy to see why. Bravo takes a no-holds-barred look into the life of one of America's most legitimate tastemakers as she balances running her wildly successful fashion PR company, People's Revolution, with being a single mother and one of New York's most notable women about town. "Kell on Earth" (wt) is produced by the Emmy-nominated Magical Elves for Bravo. Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz and Kelly Cutrone serve as executive producers.

"Launch My Line," (previously announced as "Celebrity Sew-Off") Bravo's newest fashion competition series, features 10 established fashion designers paired with pop culture notables, who are highly regarded in their own field of expertise, but have always dreamed of having their own line. From stylists, music producers, event planners to CEOs and choreographers, the notables will work with the established designers to bring their vision to life and create a fashion line. In the end, one team will be declared the winner and the notable will win a chance to launch their own fashion line. Acclaimed designers, twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten of DSquared2 join "Launch My Line" as hosts, and fashion notables Stephanie Greenfield and Lisa Klein will serve as judges. "Launch My Line" is produced by Lake Paradise Entertainment for Bravo. Holly M. Wofford ("Survivor," "Shear Genius" and "Supernanny") and Viki Cacciatore ("Survivor") serve as executive producers.


ERIC B. (Working Title)
Demi Moore says he is a "magician," Courtney Cox loves him, and he fields calls from Governor Schwarzenegger's office. Vivacious and wildly creative, Eric Buterbaugh is the florist of choice for celebrities, power brokers and anyone else compelled to have one of the world's most exclusive floral designers conceptualizing and executing the look of their special events. From designing Tobey and Jen Maguire and Moore and Kutcher's weddings, to working with clients that range from Gwen Stefani to the Duchess of York, Buterbaugh knows how to do a party just right – whether it's planning it or attending it. Bravo takes viewers inside the creative process and the day-to-day life of Buterbaugh and his top-notch staff as he endeavors to make the world a more beautiful place, one blossom at a time. "Eric B." (working title) is produced by Katalyst Media for Bravo. Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg, Rod Aissa and Karey Burke serve as executive producers.

She's used to completely making over people's bodies and minds – now Jackie Warner is making over businesses.  As a fitness expert, gym owner and entrepreneur Warner will use her experience to whip struggling gyms back into shape. Each week, Warner will help a gym owner turn their failing business into a well-oiled machine, giving the entire place a face lift – from faulty equipment to lame classes, bad marketing plans, outdated decor and ineffective trainers – she will cut the fat and pump up these gyms before they burn out.  "Jackie Gym Takeover" is produced by Shed Media U.S. for Bravo. Nick Emmerson, Jennifer O'Connell, Yann deBonne and Jackie Warner serve as executive producers.

LAURA BENNETT (Working Title)
Her trademark red hair is never out of place and her lipstick is always perfect. From the looks of the perennially put together Laura Bennett, one would never know what insanity brews in her downtown loft filled with a husband, a band of misbehaving pets, and a small army of children under the age of 12. Keeping track of six kids, five of them boys, is nearly impossible so Bennett does the best she can – even if that means sometimes losing track of her children. This hilarious docu-series follows Bennett, as she juggles life as a chic fashion designer and loving mother, where order is everything, but chaos is inevitable. "Laura Bennett" (wt) is produced by Goodbye Pictures for Bravo. Rich Bye serves as executive producer.

Whether they're jet-setting across the country, galloping down a catwalk or posing for the latest issue of Vogue, supermodels always appear to be leading glamorous, aspirational lives. But behind the cool veneer of those picture perfect looks, and beyond the fantastic stories we read and hear, supermodels aren't that different from everyone else. Even the world's most beautiful women have unusual passions, complicated relationships and every day problems. "Secret Lives of Supermodels" is a docu-series featuring world renowned supermodels Carol Alt, Maggie Rizer, Frederique Van Der Wal, Mariel Hemingway, Irina Pantaeva and Patricia Velasquez as this group of close friends comes together to deal with work and relationships outside of the modeling world. Viewers will see how these women use their celebrity, intellect, and influence to conquer everything from love and motherhood to business and charity work, and document the organic friendships that have grown as they've worked together over the years. "Secret Life of Supermodels" is produced by Stick Figure Productions and Bayonne Entertainment for Bravo. Steven Cantor, Daniel Laikind, Terry Clark and Rob Lee serve as executive producers.

For generations, various social cliques have tried to rise to the forefront of New York City's high society. While the parties, styles, drinks and venues may change, the goals of these groups always remain the same – to get to the top and stay there. Bravo's newest docu-series, "Social Heights," follows a close group of Manhattan friends as they try to stake their claim to social prominence. It will capture all the tension, drama and politics inherent to life among New York's social elite, and viewers will get to know all the prominent players, young and old, as our characters navigate the social landscape to try and find a place among Manhattan's upper crust. Some will climb, some will fall and others will be pushed off – but in the end, they all will learn what it's like to try and make it to the heights of New York society. "Social Heights" is produced by ABC Media Productions and Stick Figure Productions for Bravo. Steven Cantor, Daniel Laikind and Terry Clark serve as executive producers.


Chef Academy chronicles award-winning chef Jean-Christophe Novelli's move to Los Angeles as he opens a cooking school and trains and transforms those who aspire to cook like professionals. Voted "World's Sexiest Chef" by The New York Times, Novelli is a Michelin and 5AA Rosette award-winning chef with restaurants in London, France and South Africa. His Novelli Academy Cookery School in the UK has placed in the "Top 25 Cookery Schools in the World." The docu-series will follow Novelli as he moves to the United States and sets up the school, and will chronicle as his students are tested and measured based on what they have learned. "Chef Academy" is produced by Mentorn USA for Bravo. Greg Johnston ("The Osbournes," "Newlyweds"), Hannah Wyatt and Dan Barraclough serve as executive producers.

DOUBLE EXPOSURE (working title)
"Double Exposure" (working title) follows photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani, along with high-end stylist GK Reid, giving viewers a taste of the fast-paced world of high fashion and celebrity photography. From album covers for David Bowie and Beyoncé to prize-winning photographs of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Kate Winslet, Markus and Indrani have shot virtually every contemporary boldface name and countless other iconic images for fashion campaigns and magazines. With two former lovers working together 18 hours a day in incredibly high-stress environments, filled with deadlines, stretched budgets, expensive locations and demanding talent, it's not unusual for sparks to fly both on camera and outside the frame. "Double Exposure" is produced by Juma Entertainment for Bravo. Bob Horowitz and Lewis Fenton serve as executive producers.

The Fashion Show follows 15 professional designers as they compete for a chance to have America choose who will win a $125,000 prize and have their designs sold in the retail market. Internationally acclaimed designer Isaac Mizrahi shares hosting duties with four-time Grammy Award-winning performer and actress Kelly Rowland. Mizrahi and Rowland will also serve as judges alongside fashion luminary and Senior Vice President of IMG Fashion, Fern Mallis. Each week the designers will be put to the test and will face off in two challenges – the Harper's Bazaar Mini Challenge, judged by the magazine's Special Projects Director Laura Brown, and the elimination challenge, where their fate will be determined not only by the professional judges, but also by a studio audience. "The Fashion Show" is produced by 3 Ball Productions for Bravo. JD Roth, Todd A. Nelson and Adam Greener serve as executive producers.

Miami is an international cultural melting pot filled with the young, gorgeous and wealthy looking to live the good life.  South Americans, East Coasters, native Floridians… everyone comes to Miami for the sun and fun – it's a city that specializes in people that work hard and play even harder. With "Miami Social," Bravo will follow a successful group of friends who are some of the most connected and interesting young professionals in South Beach, as they go from the city's night life to the board room and magazine offices where they lead their intertwined lives.
"Miami Social" is produced by Pink Sneakers for Bravo. Kimberly Cowin, Susan Janis-Mashayekhi and John Ehrhard serve as executive producers.

"NYC Prep" follows a group of six affluent teenagers who are key players in Manhattan's elite high school scene and are firmly entrenched in Manhattan's social circle. Students who travel in packs – whether it's on sophisticated vacations or to a townhouse for an exclusive midnight party, their lives intertwine as they network, shop, party, study, date and write college applications.  Everyone's beautiful and everyone's connected. Over the course of the series, we'll see them on the benefit circuit, viewers will get to know their families, their entourage (trainers, college application advisors, stylists) and their guys/girls of the moment. But privilege has its price. Despite their carefree lives, the pressure of lofty expectations can sometimes be too much for even the most confident teenagers. The series will premiere Tuesday, June 16 at 11 p.m. ET/PT and will move to its regular timeslot on Tuesday, June 23 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.  "NYC Prep" is produced by Stone & Company Entertainment for Bravo.  Scott A. Stone and Lenid Rolov are executive producers.

The hair is big, but the drama is bigger! Building on the record-breaking franchise's success, Bravo is heading to the Garden State for its newest installment, "The Real Housewives of New Jersey."  The series follows five of the most affluent Jersey Girls – Teresa Giudice, Jacqueline Laurita, Caroline Manzo, Dina Manzo and Danielle Staub – as they live lavish lifestyles and deal with all the drama that money can buy. For the first time in franchise history, the ladies are more than just friends – joining the cast are two sisters, who are married to two brothers, and one sister-in-law – bringing a whole new level of familial drama to the table. The highly anticipated series premieres on Tuesday, May 12 at 11 p.m. ET/PT and moves to its regular Tuesdays at 10 p.m. timeslot on May 19.  "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" is produced by Sirens Media for Bravo. Rebecca Toth Diefenbach, Valerie Haselton and Nina Diaz serve as executive producers.

Calling all foodies…it's time to salivate!  "Top Chef Masters, " the spin-off series of the Emmy and James Beard Award-winning No. 1 food show on cable, "Top Chef," will premiere on Wednesday, June 10 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.  The judges' table has finally turned – and we'll see what happens when these top chefs are now on the other side.  "Top Chef Masters" will pit 24 world-renowned chefs against each other and see how well they fare in the tried and true format of "Top Chef."  In each episode, money will be at stake for the chefs, with the winners of eliminations being awarded cash donations for their charities.  The first six episodes will consist of four chefs competing against each other to name one winner.  The six winners of each episode will then meet up for the final four weeks when one person will get eliminated each episode until the finale where one winner is crowned Top Chef Master.  The winning chef will receive $100,000 for the charity of their choice. Food journalist and "NYC TV's" host and producer Kelly Choi serves as the series' host, and famed restaurant critic Gael Greene, culinary expert and Editor-in-Chief of Saveur James Oseland and writer and broadcaster Jay Rayner, serve as regular judges for the series. "Top Chef Masters" is produced by the Emmy-nominated Magical Elves. Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz and Shauna Minoprio serve as executive producers. "Top Chef" head judge, renowned culinary figure and chef/owner Craft Restaurants Tom Colicchio serves as consulting producer.


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