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July 16, 2009

Emmy nominee reactions rundown

Compiled by THR staff...

Seth Green had two reasons to celebrate Thursday with nominations for "Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II" in the best animated program and voice-over categories. The executive producer/creator (with Matthew Senreich) didn't know he'd been nominated until after he woke up. "My publicist had been trying to call me for a while, but I don't have a house phone. My cell phone was off and she didn't reach me until after I woke up," he said, adding that any nomination is important to him. "Every nomination, no matter what category or award for anything you make yourself is incredibly important," he said. "For me, it's so validating for our team who work super hard on our show that is by all accounts a shortform ad-sponsored cable show. So it's really exciting to get nominated for anything, especially the straight-up Emmy," said Green, who planned to celebrate by going to see Lord T and Eloise, an "aristocrunk group of intergalactic travelers who are the richest men in the universe and are coming to save our planet. They are prophets of rap music who are in Los Angeles. I have to go!"

Last year's lead drama actress winner, Glenn Close, was ironing when the nominations were announced and found out from her personal trainer that she received her second nom for "Damages."

"This is my ironing day," she joked. Close did have some misgivings, however. "I'm thrilled the whole show has gotten something, but I wish the writers had as well because I wouldn't have been nominated without the writing they give me on a consistent basis. I'm grateful for that; it makes it all worthwhile." Close added that the nominations she and the show received for its second season illustrate that the drama isn't just a "flash in the pan." "To be nominated for the whole show is kind of validating for the entire team and what we all produce together. It's really important to receive the nomination in the second year." As for her plans to celebrate, Close joked that she "has some beds to make" and that "every day is a celebration as far as I'm concerned."

Six-time Emmy nominee Mary-Louise Parker was lying in bed with her son "talking about the Loch Ness Monster" when she noticed her phone message light on, checked her voicemail and found that fellow best actress in a comedy nominee Christina Applegate had called to congratulate her. "I was so happy for her, too. I think she's so awesome. It was a really lovely way to find out and start my day," said Parker, calling from the hair and makeup chair on the set where the "Weeds" actress at work filming the last day of the season. Parker said her sixth nomination -- as well as the show's best comedy series nom -- are validation that the risk of changing "the whole premise of the show" paid off. "It's a lovely little burst of validation and it's very heartening," she added.

"I didn't find out until I checked my messages while walking the dog," John Slattery said of his nomination for supporting actor in a drama series. "I was bending over picking up dog shit, but doing it while finding out something like this is the best way." The "Mad Men" actor didn't expect the nomination, but is excited about the show's many nom, saying, "It's great to be part of a show that isn't everywhere yet, it's on the ascendance." With filming for "Mad Men" beginning in the early morning and continuing until past midnight, Slattery has little time to celebrate. "It's all work and family right now," he said, adding that the nom is "gratifying. It shows that it's time well spent."

Jimmy Smits was "woken up like cattle" when his publicist called to inform him of his nomination as guest actor in a drama series for his stint as good guy gone bad Miguel Prado on "Dexter." While he had no immediate plans to celebrate, he said the nomination was all he needed. "There's no celebration. It might sound corny, but the nomination is really so important because of the fact that it's acknowledgment from your peers. That's my celebration," he said, adding that he he's looking for "another good at-bat." "I've been lucky in terms of hooking up with great partners and last season having that opportunity to work with the whole cast and specifically with Michael (C. Hall) was really a joy." Smits added that he felt honored to be nominated with such "industry heavyweights" as Ernest Borgnine and Ted Danson. "It's a good thing to wake up to."

Aaron Paul was struggling for words after receiving his first-ever Emmy nomination: supporting actor in a drama series for his role as Jesse Pinkman on AMC's "Breaking Bad." Paul, who put in a long day of shooting Wednesday, promised himself he would sleep through the nominations and found out the news after his manager called over and over until he woke up. "I'm so thrilled to even be associated with the other nominees, it's unbelievable," he said. "I've been screaming all morning with my girlfriend and my buddy; we're all freaking out together. I just love doing what I do, and I'm so lost for words. I'm so happy for everyone on the show and the show being nominated and Bryan (Cranston) being nominated again; it's such an incredible feeling."

Jane Krakowski, nominee for outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series for "30 Rock," was thrilled to receive her first Emmy nomination; she feels lucky to be part of the show that led the field with 22 mentions. "Days like this are just incredible for us," said Krakowski, who didn't believe she was nominated in the category when her publicist told her the good news. "I had to ask her to send me the list to prove it! But my first question was if Tracy (Morgan) or Jack (McBrayer) got one." "It's just so exciting that there are so many first-time nominees three years in," she continued. "It blows me away." Krakowski added that she planned to celebrate with some champagne at dinner with her parents before taking in a show. "Now I gotta go work out so I can get a nice dress," she joked.

"30 Rock's" Jack McBrayer found out he was nominated for best supporting actor in a comedy series when he happened to pick up his landline -- usually reserved for "telemarketers and faxes." "My phone had been off and right when I picked it up, Amy Adams was calling me," he said. "I think I'm still a bit numb right now." Also receiving a shortform live-action nomination for NBC.com's "Kenneth the Web Page," McBrayer said he felt like he was doing fellow nominee Tina Fey proud. "In all sincerity, it's a huge honor. For me, I feel like I'm doing Tina Fey proud because she is running the show by far. To me I feel more vindicated to her, like I've fulfilled any obligations to her. It gives me confidence that the show might not go away immediately." As for his plans to celebrate, McBrayer joked that it was "too early to have a beverage," but that "first things, I'll brush my teeth. After that, the world is my oyster."

Beau Bridges planned to "try to stay cool, maybe jump in the ocean" to celebrate his nomination for guest actor in a comedy series for his stint on "Desperate Housewives." "It was a great experience all around to play with all those wonderful ladies," said Bridges, who added that he found out he was nominated when his publicist called and woke him up. "I have a 15-year-old kid who was at a friend's house and when I get a call that early, I always pick up." He tipped his hat to writer Marc Cherry for the script and "unique opportunity." "They've got such a wonderful creative team; it's a well-oiled machine," he said. "They welcomed me with open arms. It feels good to get acknowledged."

"I love being in the mix again this year, but am absolutely over the moon about 'How I Met Your Mother's' best comedy series nomination," said supporting actor nominee and Emmy host Neil Patrick Harris. "The only multicamera show in the mix! This kind of recognition is huge for us. Just huge. It should be quite the night. Being asked to host the show -- terrific. Getting a third nomination -- fantastic. Having the ability to scribble my name in the envelope backstage when no one is looking -- priceless."

"I'm thrilled and honored to be nominated again this year," said "Ugly Betty's" Vanessa Williams, nominated for supporting actress in a comedy series. "I love my show and my character, Wilhelmina, and this recognition is truly icing on the cake."

Alana Stewart, a close friend of Farrah Fawcett and the producer of "Farrah's Story," woke up at 4 a.m., thinking that the nominations were over: "The phone hadn't rang, and I thought that was it." She was woken up later with the news that "Farrah's Story," which reached more than 9 million viewers in May, was nominated for outstanding nonfiction special. Fawcett's death three weeks ago remains in the forefront of Stewart's mind. "The nomination is a wonderful way of honoring Farrah's memory and legacy," she said. "Farrah was incredibly courageous and brave, and she realized that she had a responsibility. She got a message of support and encouragement out to people who have cancer." She's still very close to us. I still talk to her all the time like she's in the room. Her whole journey was not in vain, and she would have been very happy and very proud," Stewart said.



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