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November 17, 2008: Obama interview sets '60 Minutes' viewership record
Comments: 487 | Categories: 60 Minutes , Barack Obama
Barack Obama's first televised post-election interview gave Sunday night's "60 Minutes" its biggest audience in at least nine years. The CBS News program was seen...

November 5, 2008: 'South Park' takes on Barack Obama
Comments: 31 | Categories: Barack Obama , South Park
UPDATED: That was fast. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have always turned around "South Park" episodes with impressive speed, but Wednesday night was ridiculous. The...

November 5, 2008: Election Night ratings blowout: 71.5 million watch Obama win
Comments: 8 | Categories: Barack Obama
Barack Obama's historic presidential election victory was viewed by an equally historic number of viewers: 71.5 million watched coverage across 14 networks Tuesday evening. Despite...

November 5, 2008: Agents of change: Obama fans swarm Century City
Comments: 2 | Categories: Barack Obama
Is there a colder, sleeker, more soulless place on Earth than Century City? Century City, that tiny, steep, cluster of West LA high-rise buildings, that...

November 4, 2008: Networks edging toward calling it...
Comments: 0 | Categories: Barack Obama
Nobody wants to say it before all the polls close. But all the networks are hinting. My last few entries from THR's Election Day media...

October 31, 2008: Could Barack Obama win an Emmy?
Comments: 15 | Categories: Barack Obama
Stephen Colbert fretted about this on his Comedy Central show Thursday night: Could that liberal Barack Obama -- with a paid ad, no less --...

October 30, 2008: Nielsen: 33.6 million watched Obama ad
Comments: 127 | Categories: Barack Obama
UPDATED: If Barack Obama fails to win the election, perhaps the networks should hire him to entertain viewers on Wednesday nights. Obama's 30-minute primetime infomercial...

October 29, 2008: Reviews: TV critics praise Obama ad
Comments: 92 | Categories: Barack Obama , Review
On Wednesday night Barack Obama faced one of his toughest audiences yet: the nation's TV critics. Reviews of his infomercial say the candidate managed to...

October 29, 2008: The Obama infomerical
Comments: 46 | Categories: Barack Obama , Video
A video of the entire half-hour primetime ad is after the jump. UPDATE: TV critics praise Obama infomercial Previous posts on this topic: Obama ad...

October 28, 2008: Obama ad will have live portion
Comments: 196 | Categories: Barack Obama
UPDATED: Wednesday night's Barack Obama primetime ad will contain a live segment near the end of the telecast. The much-discussed special will cut live to...

October 28, 2008: 'Daisies' creator Fuller on competing against Obama
Comments: 34 | Categories: Barack Obama , Pushing Daisies
Asked "Pushing Daisies" creator Bryan Fuller how he feels about airing against the Barack Obama ad Wednesday night -- and potentially receiving a viewership surge...

October 28, 2008: CNN rejected Obama ad; Fox News not asked
Comments: 939 | Categories: Barack Obama , CNN , Fox News
Make of this what you will: CNN says the Barack Obama campaign tried to purchase airtime tomorrow night on the network to run its 30-minute...

October 27, 2008: ABC will not air half-hour Obama ad
Comments: 2060 | Categories: Barack Obama
ABC will air "Pushing Daisies" in its usual time period on Wednesday night -- not the Barack Obama ad. The news ends a guessing game...

October 16, 2008: Viewership drops for third debate
Comments: 54 | Categories: Barack Obama , John McCain
UPDATED: The third and final presidential debate failed to kick "you know what" in the ratings Wednesday night. The testy clash in Long Island between...

October 10, 2008: SNL's Thursday night Obama-McCain debate parody
Comments: 1 | Categories: Barack Obama , John McCain , Saturday Night Live , Video
Here's last night's"Saturday Night Live" special that mocked the second debate between John McCain and Barack Obama ... proves SNL doesn't need Tina Fey to...

October 10, 2008: Thoughts on 'The Obama Show'
Comments: 17 | Categories: Barack Obama
That Barack Obama's campaign has selected a Wednesday at 8 p.m. slot to run its half-hour infomercial is pretty convenient for networks, given that some...

October 9, 2008: Obama buys half-hour of network primetime
Comments: 1380 | Categories: Barack Obama
>> Barack Obama infomerical released -- VIDEO By James Hibberd and Paul J. Gough Barack Obama has purchased a half-hour of primetime television on CBS...

October 8, 2008: Nielsen: 63.2 million watch second McCain-Obama debate
Comments: 252 | Categories: Barack Obama , John McCain , Ratings
UPDATED: It may have been dull, but that didn't stop viewers from watching. Tuesday night's presidential debate between John McCain and Barack Obama was seen...

October 4, 2008: The TV ratings election
Comments: 5 | Categories: Barack Obama , John McCain , Ratings , Sarah Palin
Have Nielsen ratings ever been so politicized? -- Barack Obama received record-breaking viewers for his Democratic National Convention speech. -- John McCain's convention speech shocked...

September 27, 2008: McCain-Obama debate pulls average early rating
Comments: 938 | Categories: Barack Obama , John McCain
The first debate between John McCain and Barack Obama is on track to pull a surprisingly average viewership number, drawing fewer households in the preliminary...

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