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September 19, 2008: Murdoch: Obama's economic policies are 'naive'
Comments: 523 | Categories: Barack Obama , John McCain , NBC
News Corp. chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch said he doesn't regret the New York Post endorsing John McCain, even as some say the Republican ticket...

September 9, 2008: Michael Phelps keeps NBC streak going
Comments: 0 | Categories: Michael Phleps , NBC , Tonight Show
By Paul J. Gough NEW YORK -- Record-breaking Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps keeps working his magic on NBC. Monday's "Tonight Show With Jay Leno"...

August 26, 2008: No Olympics bump for 'Toughest Jobs'
Comments: 0 | Categories: America's Toughest Jobs , NBC , Olympics , Ratings
Looks like NBC programmers still have one of America’s toughest jobs. The network's first post-Olympics new series opened on par compared to other summer reality...

August 25, 2008: NBC: Fall awareness up after Olympics
Comments: 0 | Categories: NBC , Olympics
NBC's marketing chief John Miller said all those ads for the network's fall shows that aired during the Beijing Olympics are paying off. Miller said...

August 11, 2008: NBC responds to Olympic fakery accusations
Comments: 147 | Categories: NBC , Olympics , Opening Ceremony , Video
Article Template The glow of NBC's Olympic ratings victory threatens to be sullied this morning by reports that the Beijing Olympic Committee and the network...

August 10, 2008: NBC's Olympics ratings roll continues
Comments: 6 | Categories: NBC , Olympics , Ratings
Coming off a record-setting opening ceremony, NBC's first night of Olympic competition Saturday continued to show elevated viewership. Saturday night's coverage of swimming, men's gymnastics...

August 9, 2008: Record ratings for NBC's Olympic opening ceremony
Comments: 150 | Categories: 2008 , NBC , Olympics , Opening Ceremony , Ratings
[Updated, 1:04 p.m.] -- NBC’s Olympic dream of ratings fireworks came true. The network’s coverage of the Games got off to a roaring start Friday...

July 22, 2008: Ian McShane of 'Kings' spars with 'ignorant' TV critic
Comments: 5 | Categories: Ian McShane , Kings , NBC , TCA
TCA -- Former "Deadwood" star Ian McShane cannot tolerate hooplehead critics who don't understand that his upcoming NBC project that recasts the story of King...

July 21, 2008: Silverman's summer do-over thoughts
Comments: 0 | Categories: Ben Silverman , NBC , TCA
TCA -- If he had to relaunch NBC’s "All-American Summer," NBC co-chair Ben Silverman says, he would have done a couple things differently. “I would...

July 21, 2008: NBC announces Jay Leno's 'Tonight Show' exit date
Comments: 22 | Categories: Jay Leno , Late Night , NBC , TCA , Tonight Show
TCA -- Jay Leno’s final "Tonight Show" will be Friday, May 29, 2009. Conan O'Brien’s first "Tonight Show" will be the following Monday, June 1....

July 21, 2008: NBC wants both a Poehler show and an 'Office' spin-off
Comments: 0 | Categories: Amy Poehler , NBC , Spinoff , TCA , The Office
TCA -- NBC co-chair Ben Silverman says the network is not only doing a Greg Daniels comedy starring Amy Poehler, but is also still pursuing...

July 16, 2008: Jimmy Kimmel grills McPherson on Leno plans
Comments: 0 | Categories: ABC , Jay Leno , Late Night , NBC , TCA
Article Template TCA -- ABC opened their executive session with having Jimmy Kimmel, disguised as "Tom Weinerman from the Sarasota Star-Herald Tribune," asking the first...

July 8, 2008: NBC orders 'Baby Borrowers' special
Comments: 0 | Categories: Baby Borrowers , NBC
Given the public interest in its summer reality series "The Baby Borrowers," NBC has ordered a one-hour town hall reunion special. The special will include...

July 7, 2008: lets "Baby" parents fight back
Comments: 3 | Categories: Baby Borrowers , NBC is setting up a special forum where parents who participated in its new reality show “The Baby Borrowers” can address critics. While the site...

July 3, 2008: 'Baby Borrowers' retains premiere rating
Comments: 0 | Categories: Baby Borrowers , NBC
A day after ABC's "Wipeout" managed to nearly hold its impressive premiere rating, the second episode of NBC's "The Baby Borrowers" on Wednesday night pulled...

July 2, 2008: NBC introduces Hellboy to Chuck and Wolf
Comments: 3 | Categories: Chuck , NBC , Video
Synergy, thy name is Universal. For the July 11 release of "Hellboy II: The Golden Army," distributor Universal is teaming with NBC Universal for some...

June 29, 2008: George Carlin-hosted 'SNL' sets ratings record
Comments: 1 | Categories: NBC
NBC’s re-broadcast of the 1975 "Saturday Night Live" series premiere hosted by the late George Carlin delivered the show’s highest out-of-season rating in three years....

June 26, 2008: NBC: Don't go anywhere 'Baby'
Comments: 0 | Categories: Baby Borrowers , NBC
Instead of shifting "The Baby Borrowers" to 8 p.m. next Wednesday as previously planned, NBC has just decided to keep the show in the more...

June 26, 2008: 'Baby Borrowers' bounces NBC
Comments: 3 | Categories: NBC
The Wednesday night debut of NBC's "The Baby Borrowers" burst the network's run of disappointing summer series premieres. The reality show-as-life lesson series was NBC's...

June 25, 2008: Nicole Richie to appear on 'Chuck'
Comments: 6 | Categories: Chuck , NBC
"E! True Hollywood Story"-meets-broadcast network stunt casting continues. First there was Britney on "How I Met Your Mother," then Lindsay on "Ugly Betty" and let's...

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