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May 19, 2009: Video: ABC's creepy 'V' remake
Comments: 0 | Categories: V , Video
Here's two videos from ABC's remake of the 1980s sci-fi thriller "V"

May 8, 2009: Video: Drew Carey's 'Price Is Right' giggle fit
Comments: 0 | Categories: Video
Here's a video of Carey unable to contain himself after a gynecologist bids 69 bucks

April 20, 2009: Video: Miss California's awkward moment
Comments: 0 | Categories: Video
Miss California was hit with a question about gay marriage from Perez Hilton on NBC's Miss USA telecast last night. She came in second place...

December 2, 2008: New trailers: 'Lost' and Fishburne's 'CSI' debut
Comments: 3 | Categories: CSI , Lost , Video
New videos for "Lost" and Laurence Fishburne's debut on "CSI" after the jump... "Lost" -- "CSI" --

November 19, 2008: ABC's new 'Cupid' trailer
Comments: 0 | Categories: Video
Uber-ABC. Rob Thomas' remake of his own "Cupid" project feels somewhat "Eli Stone" with a dash of "Life on Mars" and a sprinkle of CBS'...

November 19, 2008: Charlie Rose interviews Ben Silverman
Comments: 0 | Categories: Ben Silverman , Video

October 29, 2008: The Obama infomerical
Comments: 46 | Categories: Barack Obama , Video
A video of the entire half-hour primetime ad is after the jump. UPDATE: TV critics praise Obama infomercial Previous posts on this topic: Obama ad...

October 20, 2008: 'Family Guy' likens McCain-Palin supporters to Nazis
Comments: 5 | Categories: Family Guy , Video
When it comes to over-the-top name calling, does "fascist" trump "socialist"? In Sunday night's "Family Guy," Stewie and Brian time travel to Poland during WWII,...

October 18, 2008: Sarah Palin sets 'SNL' ratings record
Comments: 406 | Categories: Sarah Palin , Saturday Night Live , Video
Sarah Palin's visit to "Saturday Night Live" drew the show's highest overnight rating in 14 years. Last night's telecast, hosted by Josh Brolin and featuring...

October 10, 2008: SNL's Thursday night Obama-McCain debate parody
Comments: 1 | Categories: Barack Obama , John McCain , Saturday Night Live , Video
Here's last night's"Saturday Night Live" special that mocked the second debate between John McCain and Barack Obama ... proves SNL doesn't need Tina Fey to...

October 5, 2008: SNL's Palin vs. Biden debate spoof + ratings
Comments: 4 | Categories: Sarah Palin , Saturday Night Live , Tina Fey , Video
Tina Fey returned to "Saturday Night Live" to parody Sarah Palin's performance in Thursday's vp debate, with Jason Sudeikis playing Joe Biden. Here's the clip:...

October 2, 2008: Palin comparison
Comments: 0 | Categories: Sarah Palin , Video
Palin did pretty well, but this line about how the use of nuclear weapons would be the "end of too many people" is pretty Tina...

September 28, 2008: 'Saturday Night Live' continues ratings roll
Comments: 6 | Categories: Sarah Palin , Saturday Night Live , Video
SNL continues to deliver strong numbers for its 34th season, with last night's episode up 46% from last year to deliver a 6.0 rating/15 share...

September 23, 2008: Video: Lilly and Garcia drop 'Lost' hints
Comments: 0 | Categories: Lost , Video
Evangeline Lilly and Jorge Garcia talk about the upcoming fifth season of "Lost" on the Emmy red carpet. "[The opening sequence], just trying to wrap...

September 22, 2008: Video: Politics on the red carpet
Comments: 2 | Categories: Barack Obama , Emmy , Sarah Palin , Video
From the Emmy Awards red carpet, Bill Maher (“as a loyal American, I hope the next four years are boring and the Obama presidency leaves...

September 22, 2008: Reality host postmortem: 'We knew this was going to be a disaster'
Comments: 4 | Categories: Emmy , Video
Monday morning fallout and finger-pointing over The Bit That Tanked. As noted in earlier posts, Jeremy Piven and Kirk Ellis ripped the reality hosts' opening...

September 19, 2008: 'Heroes: Villains' season premiere video clips
Comments: 0 | Categories: Heroes , Video
Here's six video clips from Monday night's third season premiere of NBC's "Heroes." Previous: Tim Kring screens Villains at Comic-Con

September 4, 2008: Sarah Palin scores huge viewership at RNC
Comments: 1022 | Categories: Democratic National Convention , Ratings , Republican National Convention , Sarah Palin , Video
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's highly anticipated speech at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night nearly matched the record-setting numbers of Democratic presidential nominee Barack...

September 2, 2008: Video: First million-dollar winner crowned on 'Deal'
Comments: 1 | Categories: Deal or No Deal , Video
Article Template After three years on the air, somebody finally won a million bucks on NBC's "Deal or No Deal." Here's a 5-minute video clip...

August 29, 2008: 'Commander in Chief' creator criticizes Palin pick
Comments: 31 | Categories: Sarah Palin , Video
Article Template By James Hibberd and Alex Ben Block Older Republican candidate picks relatively inexperienced young woman to be his vice president? Check. The Republican...

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