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3 posts from February 2010

February 28, 2010


Paley_lost By Karen Nicoletti

With record attendance for PaleyFest, nearly 1,900 fans of "Lost" packed the Saban Theatre on Saturday night hoping to get some clues about the show's many loose ends in its final season. There were questions, there were (some) answers, there was comedy. Moderated by comedian Paul Scheer, the evening was almost pure levity in the world of "Lost," and no panelist left the venue without having uttered a solid gold zinger.

As acknowledged by Zuleihka Robinson, who plays mystery woman Ilana, creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse strike fear in the hearts of cast members lest they spoil any of the show's well-kept secrets. However, there were a few big reveals (big by "Lost" definition, anyway):

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February 26, 2010

'Modern Family'

By Philiana Ng

This year's PaleyFest started off without a hitch Friday night at Beverly Hills' Saban Theatre with the cast, co-creator and director of ABC's breakout comedy "Modern Family."

After news broke that the entire cast -- yes, you read that right -- was heading off to Maui to shoot a vacation episode that happens to have a May airdate, everyone was buzzing about the acclaimed reincarnation (and reinvention) of the family comedy.

Moderator Billy Bush, who flew in from the Vancouver Olympics to take part, accurately defined the half-hour series when he said: " 'Modern Family' nails our culture." That statement might as well be engraved into stone. After a screening of the upcoming "Fears" episode, Bush asked the cast whether it was odd seeing themselves onscreen, especially among fans. Ty Burrell, who plays the "militantly positive"-yet-unhip father Phil Dunphy, jokingly replied, "I don't ever like to see my Franken-brow onscreen." Or a "pimple that keeps popping up," Eric Stonestreet, Cameron Tucker's alter-ego, said.

The premise for "Modern Family" came about like many television shows do: through conversation. "My partner Christopher Lloyd, we just started talking about what was happening in our lives," co-creator Steve Levitan said, who didn't foresee the show to be a hit. It was created strictly for survival purposes, a way "not to get kicked off the lot," Levitan joked. (Levitan and Lloyd's "Back to You" was canned shortly before "Modern Family.")

When it came down to casting the parts, it was kismet for many of the actors. Ed O'Neill (patriarch Jay Pritchett), who starred on "Married with Children" as the iconic Al Bundy, wasn't interested in trying half-hour comedy on TV anymore; however, the writing told him otherwise. "When I read the script, I said, 'Oh my god, I'm going to have to go back to work,' " O'Neill said.

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February 22, 2010

'Glee' headlines PaleyFest 2010

Glee The Hollywood Reporter will be reporting from this year's PaleyFest. Check out the lineup of what's to come:

Friday, Feb. 26
Modern Family

Saturday, Feb. 27

Monday, March 1

Wednesday, March 3

Thursday, March 4

Friday, March 5
Cougar Town

Saturday, March 6
The Vampire Diaries

Tuesday, March 9
Seth MacFarlane and Friends 

Wednesday, March 10
Breaking Bad      

Thursday, March 11

Friday, March 12
Men of a Certain Age   

Saturday, March 13

Sunday, March 14
Curb Your Enthusiasm