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March 18, 2008

VIDEO: Judd Apatow & Co. -- A 'reverse roast'

By Daniel Carlson

Events like Paley Fest, a TV festival put on by the Paley Center for Media, are always rife with contradictions: The stars on hand are inherently private people talking about their public lives, etc. But it's also a task in its own right to even go to one of these things, to drop the veneer of distance and cool on which Angelenos pride themselves and to go somewhere and cheer for the men and women who worked on a TV show that moved you. There's no greater way to sum up the weird dichotomy of the whole thing than in Judd Apatow, a writer, producer and director who's riding a wave of pop success after toiling for two decades making shows you probably didn't watch, or at least weren't aware included Apatow in their ranks.

His CV is basically the greatest hits of TV series that were praised by critics and beloved by a small, devoted audience but rejected by the kind of simple viewers who prefer "Dancing With the Stars." (Then again, in a sad programming move meant to make sure everybody feels welcome, Paley Fest is devoting an entire night to "Dancing With the Stars," which is too terrifying to think about.) Overall, though, watching Apatow and his cohorts share the stage, tell stories about their careers and generally screw around has the same relaxed, easygoing and consistently hilarious air as Apatow's movies. It wasn't so much a panel as it was a group of friends hanging out, friends who share the same goal of making honest, sharp comedy.

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