It looks like the fall season of TV is going to be really bad. They had some good shows, but they canceled them. What's wrong with them??

put back the spanish one with valderama and the one by joel surnow he is the best writer!!!!!!!! anything he does keeps you on the edge of your seat !!!!!!! you still are not representing the real people of america !!!!!!!!! to many white people !!!!!! you need minority families !!!!

where are the portuguese(from the azores), chinese, jewish, muslim, israeli, russian, bulgarian, romanian middle class family character drama pilots !!!!!!!! you all in hollywood don't get it !!!!!!! this is what people want !!!!!!!!!!! remember the soap opera ryan's hope look how long that stayed on tv !!!!!!!!!!!

What is HBO thinking ? NOT carrying forward with The Lst of the Ninth, David Milch's latest ? He is the best writer in TV. Huh ?

looks like no tv to watch for atleast a year or 2!!!

there is no good SCIFI like starttrek ENTERPRISE bring back same cast& crew

Yea!!! Matthew Perry is back!!!! I wish it was on regular tv and not Showtime but I will subscribe to it for him.

The End Of Steve will not now be shown on Showtime. I hope another station will take it because I think Matthew Perry is a great actor.

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