Why on earth is ABC putting any time and money into these shows when you have a great one already in your hands? OCTOBER ROAD is amazing!!!!!!!!! PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL OCTOBER ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

are you on crack? october road is one of the most universally snubbed and critically panned series on the air. I got number 2 on the critics associations worst tv series of the year, and they were including reality tv! oh yeah and its rating are terrible!!! tv will be a MUCH better place without october road in it.

SAD that ABC did not pick up "The Bigg Family" it would of been their #1 comedy....

October Road got bad ratings due to bad critics. It is amazing! Anyone who watches is now, falls in love with it.

ABC's lineup doesn't sound too great. Captain Cook could be pretty cool (or terrible) but I doubt it'll be picked up, same with the Goode Family but that has a much higher chance of being terrible. Prince of Motor City and Life on Mars sound promising but may not work as well in practice as in theory. Prince of Motor City probably won't get picked up though. Section 8 sounds awesome, hopefully they have more than 6 episodes.

This lineup is a waste of time. Bring back JERICHO! This show rocks. What over-paid under-qualified TV exec had the bright idea of taking it off air?

Jericho is on CBS. This is the page for ABC. I think you may have your letters wrong.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens with these shows! However, October Road needs to return next season! This show is so different from what is on right now and from what's coming up! Come on ABC we need a season three of October Road!

OCTOBER ROAD is a great show . . . tell me who really listens to critics anyway, every show that I love to watch the critics hate -even movies, shows you how much they know. I am one of four girls in my family and we all watch this show religously from our own homes and so do alot of our friends. OCTOBER ROAD is a great, funny and moving show and it would be a shame for ABC to cancel it and put another stupid cop show in its place. You definitly don't get more veiwers by playing the same shows as everyone else.

The only show I watch is October Road. They can't not bring it back, they didn't leave any closure on the last episode! Give it one more try.

We don't need any of these new shows. Why doesn't ABC just keep the ones they already have? October Road is one of the best shows on tv and none of these shows sound like they would ever be as good (sorry). Please ABC, just renew the Road!

Please bring back October Road, it rocks!

Why are you not bringing back October Road, it is a great show, it never got the recognition that it should of gotten, we don't need any more police shows or crime shows. We Need October Road!!

We need the Road....Is it corny at times.. you bet. But that is also part of its charm. It just brings you back to when you were in high school and those few years after. I love October Road.

October Road is a bubble show and this is all we have to look forward to on the horizon?!? Please ABC, do the right thing and renew October Road. You've already got a wonderful show on your network, and to even think of canceling it should be a crime!!!

October Road is a show that takes you back to yesterday, and the friendships you had from school. Its a great show, and once you watch it you have to have more! I didn't even know that the show existed until I came across it while flipping channels and haven't stopped watching yet! Advertise the show more and people will be hooked!

These shows don't sound that interesting to me. I just want to see more October Road. How can we be left hanging with so many unanswered questions. So the critics didn't like it, who cares. I never pay attention to them anyway, especially when it comes to TV. I am sick of reality shows and detective shows.

October Road is one of the only shows my husband and I will watch together. Keep our marriage happy and bring back October Road.

As far as line ups go...I feel that ABC should bring back October Road...This show has heart and soul and touches you to your core...There aren't many shows out there these days that you can say that about...They really deserve a Season 3...Come on ABC put your trust in them one more time...You won't be disappointed!!!

None of those shows sound as good as October Road! Please abc, give us more October Road!

police, attorneys, criminals and comedies about people finding themselves. nothing for the family? what about renewing October Road. An established show with terrific stories. Come on ABC. Keep the good before you fill the season with junk.

My intention here is not to down any of these new shows listed but the ABC execs must be spending a little too much time out in that hot CA sun if they still have a quality show like October Road on the bubble. We Roadies have been busy digging deep into our own pockets to PAY OCTOBER ROAD FORWARD to our local libraries that have limited funds to stock DVD's, & also to the anysoldier group to help the troops in Iraq pass the time away while they are away from home. This is being done in an effort to expose new viewers to a show that we believe is the best show to come along on ABC in years. October Road deserves a FULL season renewal to properly portray itself & it's loyal fans deserve to know what happens after that blowout finale last month. Long live the Road!

October Road is one of the BEST shows to come along in a LONG time. Quite honestly, I am not interested in any more law, medical, crime, police, reality, etc. shows. ABC would be silly to take this out of their lineup.

ABC, I would rather watch repeats of October Road then any of these new pilots(NO offense)it's just that October Road is near and dear to our hearts. You left all of the loyal viewers hanging without any answers to the dilemmas facing the characters. You placed this show in horrible time slots, did not promote it, and then it was interrupted by the writers strike! You gave it NO chance to prosper. October Road must come back in stead of any of the new stuff. You will have a guaranteed winner, once you let the ROADIES have their show. Thank you!!

Wow, some of these shows sound okay but nothing I'm too excited about yet. What I can't believe are all these posts about October Road a show which I happen to love and never thought wasn't returning. Actually I agree with all these posters... October Road is REALLY a GREAT SHOW ABC I hope it's in your fall lineup.

October Road is a great show.Please do not cancel it.

I started watching October Road from the very first episode...You cannot take it off the air now! This is the only show on T.V. right now that I refuse to miss. I love the story line and all the actors. It's just great all around. Please keep it around!!

I LOVE OCTOBER ROAD! PLEASE bring it back this fall!!!

Judging by the fact that you are all posting (from Amy to Beverly) within minutes of each other and saying nearly the same thing, I'm going to guess you are either the same person or a fansite has told all its members to plead October Road's case on the comments of a site...

I also dislike October Road. Just to break this streak of posts. :)

OCTOBER ROAD. The most refreshing show on television. The writing is tight and the storylines are original. This show must stay on. It's the freshest show that ABC has had in a while. Ranks right up there with Grey;s Anatomy when it was in its invincy. KEEP IT ON!!!!!!

"Captain Cook's Extraordinary Atlas" and "Good Behavior" sound interesting, but we'll have to wait and see whether they're actually good and the same goes for all of ABC's other projects. I hope though that they go for a different kind of storytelling this year and won't do other family/love/romance-shows which look all the same.

women's murder club is one of the best shows on television, james patterson's characters translate well to the small screen, rock on lindsay boxer! this show has it all intregue,humor and fun plots.

women's murder club is one of the best shows on television, james patterson's characters translate well to the small screen, rock on lindsay boxer! this show has it all intregue,humor and fun plots.

women's murder club is one of the best shows on television, james patterson's characters translate well to the small screen, rock on lindsay boxer! this show has it all intregue,humor and fun plots.

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