Aliens in America deserves another's the Malcom in the Middle of its generation.

Journeyman should have a chance with another Network or Sci FI or somewhere else...most creative show on TV....but I won't hold my breath on the suits renewing this one.

Journeyman never stood a chance, it was way too brilliant and creative for American audiences. At least we can look forward to dozens and dozens and dozens of reality shows that won't tax their brains too badly...

Carpoolers is an awesome show......the title isn't catchy, but neither was Friends. Both titles told you what the story was about. The cast is wonderful.
I am so glad to see Life and Dirty, Sexy Money are on for more......Law & Order's are pending?????How about we bring back Fred Thompson and get Jack McCoy back into the courtroom....leaving way for the new Asst DA to have his own trials. Law & Order CI needs Goren to drop a few pounds....other than that, it's perfection.
30Rock pending????Are you kidding? After all the awards it has garnered.
TV execs need to reconnect with their balls and give some of this TV a chance to grow an audience.
All the reality TV is growing tiring and they won't have any established programming to go to when that happens. With life being tougher in the USA, we need happy, fun TV instead of arguing, ugly, semi-reality.

Where is Eli Stone on this list? Love that show! ABC should bring it back!

October Road had such an awesome finale, ABC just has to bring it back! A lot of the so-called critics put the show down at it's start but I think they just can't recognize quality tv anymore. I've watched this show from the pilot episode on, never missing a minute. In spite of ABC only giving it 2 partial seasons, haphazard scheduling with limited promoting, OR has amassed an enormous amount of loyal fans who want to see the show continue. This great show deserves a third season! Long live October Road!!!!

October Road deserves a chance with another season. I agree with Jeddiefan. If the show had more exposure I am sure there would be more viewers. Please ABC keep this show for next season.

Totally amazing show. All of this talk about Eddie and Janet... ok, we are all curious. But there is so much more substance. I was dissapointed there was no follow up from when Owen went to talk to Allison. That was a huge milestone for them. I;m excited to see what happens with Aubrey and Ronnie. How Nick takes the news. Also excited for the Big Cat Drama, adds extra excitement and STRESS! lol. It's a wonderfully put together program that shows amzaing, realistic and meaningful relationships.

This WILL be a turning point in television and will continue to grow and bring people together.

New shows are difficult to latch on to. I didn't watch Grey's until season 3 and love it.
This show is a gem. Very heart warming.

October Road needs to get another season. This is the BEST SHOW on TV and still has a lot of stories to tell about these fabulous characters. ABC needs to promote it more and give it a better day/timeslot. Please ABC...renew October Road for another season!

I'm probably in the minority, but Journeyman is the biggest tragedy of this season. A smart, exciting and most all fun show that never received the push it deserves. It's a shame there's not enough episodes to possibly flourish in syndication and return later....but it will someday be one of those
"Brilliant" but cancelled shows.
If you can syndicate something like "The Dead Zone" or "4400" or Stargate...the same should be done for Journeyman. OH WELL............

I am a great supporter for October Road. It is the best show I have seen in a while. I really liked when they took you back to their childhood. I believe we need more shows out there where people are kind. Yet it has some exciting parts too. It left a lot of unanswered questions in the plots and would be great if there were lots of advertising for the fall. I believer more would watch it. There is a lot of support as you can go to several sites and find it. For a starter go to the message board on October Road and start there and you will see. You can also go and see all the support too. SO please give it a chance.

I am a huge October Road fan. I will be truly saddened if this show is canceled. The fan base is big and keeps getting bigger but has had the unfortunate problem of being switched with days and times, given a bad time slot, pre-empts and absolutely no advertising. Given a better time slot, and advertising this show would grow beyond belief. Please, bring this show back ABC and give it the time slot and advertising it deserves!!

Cain is on the bubble, are you kidding? And October Road those are 2 of the best shows out there please give me a break

I'm a huge October Road fan. This show has been a wonderful addition to the ABC family, despite being largely ignored. Despite the horrible Monday night at 10pm time slot, it has chugged along, trying to hold it's own. With close to zero advertising, it has managed to accumulate a huge fan base and an almost cult-like following. Please help us to save this show. There's so few real people on TV, and this show is one of them. An honorable mention to Men in Trees as well!

I have watched October Road since the first episode and It just keeps getting better! Please ABC, keep OR. It is a show with heart and character. The stories and people involved are people most of us relate to as they somewhat parallel people we all know. This show is so much better than the reality programming and the cop, doctor and lawyer shows all crammed down our throat. I want to see who Sam's dad is, how the Commander and the dean make out, if Nick and HJ and Janet and Eddie ever get together! Give us a season three for the best show on television. You won't be disappointed!

Please bring October Road back. its the best show on TV. Characters are awesome and so was the finale, I'm addicted. Could use a 9pm time slot though, I usually end up watching online.

October Road is the best show on TV (along with Men in Trees) and cannot be cancelled!!! We need more seasons of October Road on ABC since there are many open storylines!!! Please give us more October Road!!!

L&O: Criminal Intent MUST continue!!!!!!!! I thought it was doing well for USA Network. I wish the powers-that-be would wait until we have a normal season of programs before they make these goofy decisions.

October Road is the best thing out there. Romance, friendships, male bonding what more could you ask for - well I'll tell you many more seasons of October Road! If you missed it check it out on DVD or I Tunes or

How can ABC even consider cancelling October Road? The show is completely addictive. I cannot take anymore crappy reality television! I also was surprised to see The Office and 30 Rock on this list. Are you kidding me? I also enjoy Men in Trees and Carpoolers. Why cancel decent shows? I don't understand how the Nielson rating system works. Who are they asking?

ABC needs to listen to it's viewers and renew October Road. It is one of the best shows on TV and deserves a better time slot! Enough of reality TV - October Road is the best show in years!

It is such a shame that these networks don't give more of a chance to some of these shows. I understand that they have to make room for the new ones, but maybe new isn't always better. Sometimes a show much like a child or plant need nourishment, and support. So, maybe they should try to support what they already have and see that it has potential.
I don't get it really, Nothing against those that like " Pushing Daisies" but i personally couldn't get with it. I tried but everytime i turned it on, i found myself zoning out. So the network wants to keep that, but get rid of one of it's best guilty pleasures " Boston Legal " I didn't watch this show from the begginning season, but boy do i wish i had. It has definitely caught me. I love this show. And October Road has got to be one of the best things ABC has put on it's network in a long time.
CBS, what are you thinking??? Jericho would have a much better viewing audience if you would just put it on, and don't move it around. That was the problem with the first season, and the second season has been great even if it is a small season. And Cane is a wonderful new show, it is good to see some ethnicity coming around. The Unit, please don't get rid of it, it's a great show and i would really hate to see it go.
CW, please people like the Reaper Show, give something a chance.

October Road is the best show on television. ABC please renew this great show with great characters and great relationships. The fans need this type of TV.

PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL OCTOBER ROAD! ABC needs to do more to promote this show and give it a better time slot.

Save October Road! Best show in years - finally ABC has it right and now they may cancel it! Please do not cancel October Road.

DON'T CANCEL OCTOBER ROAD!! It's the only show on TV worth watching! Please please please keep OCTOBER ROAD!!!

Please bring back October Road. This is the best show in years! The finale this week was the best I've seen out of any show on any network. ABC has something good here and would be foolish to let it go. SAVE OCTOBER ROAD!

Please keep October Road, it may have been slow to take off but turned into the next best thing to Grey's Anatomy!I am a mom of 3 and a grandmother and I even love it! Please consider bringing it back. More people watch it than you realize.

Please bring back October Road. It's a great show and the characters are so relatable. Best show on TV hands down.

I love October Road. Please ABC, big back the Road!!

There are just too many unanswered questions... I need my O-Road.

I agree with all on October Road. Please do not cancel one of the best shows. I'm not one for TV, but a friend convinced me to watch it with her and now I can't stop! I look forward to it and watch it online too!

OCTOBER ROAD is such a great show! The characters are so easy to relate to, the writing is clever, and I'm always left with a smile on my face. I can't even believe we even have to appeal to ABC to keep it. It seems like such a great fit for their network. It's in such a bad time slot though. If they would move it and * gasp * promote it, it would do much better in the ratings.

PLease save October Road! Bring it back for a second season!!!


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