Please save October Road! Bring it back for a third season!!!

October Road is an amazing show and definitely needs to be kept on the air! From the writers, to the actors this show is truly one of a kind. The characters interact so wonderful and really make you feel like you "know" them. Plus it's a show you can watch with your family, friends, significant other or just by yourself. There is really no other show on the air that has that quality. Advertising and giving the show publicity would truly help a lot. How can a show do well if nobody really knows it exsists? I mean really, that is just not right and unfair. For shows like Grey's Anatomy that EVERYONE knows exsist, show less commericals and advertisements for them and show more for October Road. I just hope the right thing is done and whoever makes the final decision at ABC decides to keep October Road on for many seasons to come. :o)

If October Road is cancelled for next season, that will be it for me and ABC. Every time they come out with a good solid heartwarming show, they move it around to places where they want the audience to be, when we simply cannot watch the night of there choosing. October Road started on Tuesdays, that was good. Mondays were ok too. Now we are all engrossed and invested in each character the network is thinking they will cancel the show?? Another reason whey everyone is going to the cable networks to watch their programming. The Big 3 will not invest in the worthy shows. I promise ABC.. No October Road for me.. I will block ABC all together! No Desperate Housewives, no Brothers & Sisters, I will stop watching anything that has ABC support.

Hey CBS.. I feel the same about Jericho! Bring it back or lose my viewership of all your programs!

OCTOBER ROAD: Please keep this wonderful show on TV. We still need drama and sit coms on television there is enough reality tv now and it is getting boring!!! I love all the story lines and characters on this show. Thanks!!:)

October Road:

I don't enjoy many of the reality shows, I've lost interest in rich, hot doctors, housewives and lawyers and I cannot stomach the crime, rape dramas. I do enjoy plain old October Road though.


Please bring back October Road. This is truly an engaging, enjoyable, and wonderful show about PEOPLE. These stories must be told.

Please bring October Road back for a 3rd season. it is the best show on tv it deserves a FULL 22 episode 3rd season.

Jericho is the best show on television and has no equal!! Powerful writing, acting and an incredible story line. One of those rare shows that actually makes you think!!

CBS would do well to give it a much deserved Season 3.

If it is not renewed, CBS will lose the viewership of our family of 7 - period!!

I am asking, well begging, ABC to not cancel October Road. It is the only show that I watch with no distractions any time it's on. I love Grey's and Ugly Betty too, but I am OBSESSED with October Road! Judging from the comments on this board so are many others!


I lose Jericho,than
CBS loses me! Jericho is an incredible show.

There's lots and lots of duplicates on the ABC listing above. But then again, some of those shows are so great that they deserve to be listed twice!

I really love October Road, I hope that ABC is smart enough to renew it for next season.

I absolutely love October Road! Please do not cancel! We have so many unanswered questions!

October Road is really a good show. It has a terrible time slot and is not promoted well. ABC would be making a HUGE mistake not renewing this show. It is sooooo good!

OCTOBER ROAD is the reason my husband and I have come back to ABC. This show appeals to men and women with it's funny dialogue and drama. There are too many unanswered questions that must be addressed in season 3. The cast is great and storylines have a long way to go. Please bring it back.

What Goes ON? October Road on the bubble? That is WRONG!! I love this show! I love the Characters!! I love the writing! I love the relationships between everyone on the Canvas!!! The acting!! The Music!! I Love Janet and Eddie!! They broke my heart in the finale and I need to see a season 3 so they can forgive and make up!! I just need more good shows to watch and I have to say that October Road is the best show on right now!! ABC has a good thing! Advertise and give it a better time slot and for the love of HooDeHoo give it a FULL season!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to join in on renewing Journeyman next season. This was fascinating enough of a show to keep viewers coming back. Someone at the network needs to think this through before it is too late.

PLEASE keep October Road on for a third season. Every week I look forward to a stress free, relaxing, heart felt story line that is real and enjoyable. I agree that the time slot would be more desirable at 9:00 p.m. and they need more advertising. PLEASE ABC!!

I love this show. It has something for everyone. Great characters, good story telling, a cozy setting and the best actors going. What a cast! Geoff, Bryan, Laura, Rebecca and Tom... among a great many other great actors. This show needs to survive. IT has an audience, it just doesn't seem to be the majority of Neilsen families. On the right night, with the right promotion, this show would thrive and gain a larger portion of the audience. I hope ABC gives this show a green light and we get our third season of OR. We need to know what happens with Janet and Eddie, we need to see Hannah and Nick REALLY reconnect and we need to know that the Commander is going to make it. And, come on, after all of this, Sam needs a dad! This show just has to make it.

I hope they don't cancel October Road I really want to know what happens to all the characters!

October Road should come back for a season 3. It's a great show that should be given another chance. People can relate to the characters and the storylines. It needs a season 3, so many questions are left unanswered.

Please don't cancel October Road!! Bring it back - great acting, quirky characters. And no more reality TV - PLEASE!!

October Road should def. come back for a third season. As the season finale left us with questions still unanswered and now we want to see what happens with jeddie (hopefully we will see them get back together). However, this show should def. be saved!!!!

Please, Please, please bring back October Road. It is small town, what America is made up of- reguardless of where your small town is. We all know these people, we all have an Owen,Eddie, Janet, Nick... we know these people, please let us see how their story plays out. PLEASE!


Save the one decent show on your network - October Road! Everytime I watch the show I find myself relating to some of the characters and the music is so good! October Road brings my whole family together - we all love it! Please, Please - do not cancel October Road!

ABC, please save October Road! I have seen every episode, and I look forward to it every week. I love each and every character. There is so much much of the story left to unfold, it would really be a let down to the viewers and the actors/writers/crew to leave such a quality story unfinished. Bring on Season 3! Thank you.

"Prison Break" gets my vote!

October Road must stay! It's the only show that my wife and I watch together. Love the music too. I did air guitar to REO Speedwagon's "Roll With The Changes" just last week on my way home from work.

ABC - please keep making Men In Trees!!! Everybody loves that show, all over the country! Everybody has seen it and likes it. It's Northern Exposure lite! Great characters and cliff hangers that keep you waiting for the next episode.

How can you say that shows like ER and Law & Order are pending when it's already being reported that they have been renewed? And The Office and 30 Rock pending? Come on! NBC LOVES those shows. Of course they'll be back. And Medium on the bubble??!!!! It's already being reported that it's been renewed!!

OMG! OMG!!!! How is Law & Order on the bubble? This season was great and is better than anything quality and ratings wise than anything else (excluding Law & Order: SVU) that NBC has aired there! Are they smoking something?

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