what about 24!!!!!!!!! i LOVED that show

Please keep Terminator - The Conner Chronicles and October Road! I love both of these shows. Does anybody ever count the viewers in Canada? It seems like my fave shows always get cancelled and the ones that I would never watch stay on the air for years!?

Are the networks taking the strike out on us poor viewers? So many great shows hang in the balance and a heck of a lot of really good ones too!
Boston Legal, The Unit, Cane, 30 Rock... I've been going down this list and I can't belive how many people watch all of these shows and yet they still get cancelled!? Crazy!

How is SAMANTHA WHO? going in the ratings in U.S.? I've seen it has been renewed for the 2008-2009 season but is it rating enough to go for a 3rd. season? i believe the rating are average here in Australia.

'Big Shots' has not been confirmed as cancelled, so why is it not listed on the Bubble List? Any way to correct that error? Thanks.

The Best Shows on TV: Old Christine, October Road, Cashmere Mafia, Desperate Housewives, Dirty Sexy Money, Journeyman, Cane, Bionic Woman, Jericho, Grey's Anatomy, and Reaper
The Worst Shows of TV: Gossip Girl, Men in Trees, L&O: CI, Deal or No Deal, and any other reality program on TV right now!

Samatha who is the best new Comedy in the US, and Big Shots was cancelled the day after the strike ended!

I don't understand why NBC didn't renew "Las Vegas". The show did well on Fridays and what a way to end a 5 seasons long series on a cliffhanger and a 'To Be Continued". Thanks for nothing, NBC!
NBC is the number 4 network for a reason. They renew shows that nobody watches and cancel good shows.

My question is if you writers and entertainment guru's go into a project and think it wll be a success.How can you not even give a show a real chance? All of you get together and come up with this brainchild of a show with great actors directors and so on then you give it two or three episodes and then you can them!! What happened to giving a show a fair chance? If it doesnt work one night try another before you just drop it! We have lost alot of good shows in the last few years! You get us hooked and then take it's very annoying! I miss shows like Daybreak(which most people didnt even know about before it was gone)where was the advertisment?That show was great television. Thank god you put the remainder of the series on line!What happened to Cashmere Mafia(a much better show than the Lipstick Jungle)!Give a show a real chance and ease up on all the shock and awe reality...its trully going to new lows!

October Road is a fabulous show and I cannot believe that is is being cancelled and some of these other ridiculous shows(I won't name names) are being renewed. BRING BACK OCTOBER ROAD!!!!!!!!!!

Carpoolers is hilarious and really deserves another chance. Who makes these decisions? Do they have a sense of humor? Obviously, they must or they wouldn't cancel Carpoolers, October Road, and Cashmere Mafia for the likes of The Chronicles of Sarah Connor - COME ON!!!!! You must be joking!

@Tami: None of those shows are on FOX. In fact, all 3 of them were on ABC. Terminator is on FOX (and it's an awesome show). Terminator got about double the viewers of those 3 shows, if not more. Those 3 shows got absolutely terrible numbers. They deserved to be cancelled.

Excellent to see House M.D. and Terminator renewed!

w** is WEEDS!!!???

October Road is one of the best shows, i've ever seen. I can't understand why it is not renewed. It has it's own style which made it stand out from the crowd. Please bring it back!

Why do that to Cane? I enjoyed that show. Well at least The Unit is coming back!

yes! house is back! woot!

All you television people think you got things all put together. You think that because ratings on a show is low that it doesn't deserve to last more than 8 or less episodes. Journeyman, Bionic Woman (with Katie Sackhoff) those two shows kicked arsicles. The thing about Journeyman (Kevin McKidd) is that it had an original storyline to it and the only reason why it was cancelled was because of RATINGS. I think all of you that decide things like that should really think about the kind of technology that we have out there these days, that might actually help you figure out that the ratings are going to be higher. Just because we're not actually watching it at the time a show is on doesn't actually mean we didn't use our DVR's or Tevo or VCR's or DVD recorders or computers to watch them at a later time. Why real people in to a perfect concept of a show, put in awesome/great/good actors in that show, and only aire a handfull of them then boot 'em off the aire? Why P-I-S-S us all off? Shoot because of that, I've come to the conclusion that the computer would be the better type of entertainment rather than watch your LAMEA-SS shows anymore. If you REALLY want to get a show off the aire..get rid of ANTM. That show leads way too many young girls to thinking that looks, weight and a snooty attitude are the only way you can make it in life and have a relationship. We have way too many young girls out there that are starving themselves to death because they want to be as skinny as some of the girls on that show. Tyra can say all she wants about her weight...she's already made her career, doesn't have to worry about retirement, has more than one dang business. She can now gain all the weight she wants. Yet, she judges girls 'cause they're not skinny enough, not tall enough, not snooty enough. Don't you think airing a show like that sends out the wrong signal to many young girls (heck, boys too) about weight and looks?

I just want to write songs for anything in green from R&B to Country. Check a sample

Fox tuesday nights is probably the best night in television. House is amazing and only gaining steam, Hugh Laurie is unbelieveable. And Last nights episode was fabulous. Fringe started sluggish and probably lost a lot of viewers but JJ is back on course and the show has gotten a lot better go watch it and see for yourself. Scrubs was great until 2 seasons ago then it got out of whack hoping the near death experience will take them back to seasons 1 and 3 where it was probably the funniest show on TV. Bones is doing good in the ratings from what I hear, so thats bad for pushing daisies which is an ok show better than most on tv but will get the axe because of time slot. And Chuck really suprised me I didnt watch it until this season and I am completly hooked Chuck and Sarah the way it should be. Any who tv needs to keep House, Bones, Chuck, Fringe, Eureka, Scrubs, and keep playing reruns of Angel on TNT. I never get tired of that show.

Now that the shows I love are out of the way MTV I emplore you please do NOT air a double shot at love 2 seasons of Tila was enough and now their twins please with all the reality garbage.
The Hills, blah horrible writing, and yes for those of you who think it its real its scripted get over it.
All Modeling shows minus Project Runway I find that show entertaining.

when is men in trees coming back?
Please give it another try ?????

we dont care about MOST of the shows on this list, but THE UNIT must stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I've watched this show from the pilot episode on, never missing a minute.

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