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Criticker: Movie Recommendation Engine

Oh dear. I was addicted to ranking movies on Netflix when I first joined, and the new movie recommendation engine Criticker lets you write your own review as you rank the movies. It's hooked up to Metacritic, and includes their critics in its measurements. The wrinkle is that it uses your "taste," Netflix-style, to recommend what you will or won't like. Based on my first 18 rankings, the site said I'd enjoy V for Vendetta (true), United 93 (true), Poseidon (true, if guiltily), and American Dreamz (I went, but was disappointed). According to Juergen at Random Good Stuff, the site seeks to match movie buffs with fellow travellers who share their taste in film:

By using the Taste Compatibility Index (TCI), you can identify with whom you most agree, out of thousands. It's more than just movie recommendations: you're paired with the people whose tastes are most compatible with your own, and thus get the most accurate advice possible.

We strive to make Criticker an open system. Although the calculations behind the TCI might only be interesting to a small group of geeks people, we make it available. You can see exactly why a certain user is in your top 10, or why a particular film was recommended. If you want, you can sit there with a pen and paper and do the math yourself (geek heaven!) Also, we're honest: Criticker will never push films upon you -- if the math predicts that you'll hate a new blockbuster, that's what we'll tell you!

Here's one internet response. I agree that this is an addictive time-waster well suited to avoiding deadlines.


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