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Singer Says Superman Was a Real Eyeful


[Posted by Borys Kit]

Talk about eye-poppin.’
One of the most talked about sequences from Superman Returns will surely be the scene in which Superman stops a bank robbery in progress. (Spoiler Alert!) The action climaxes with a thief pulling out a gun and shooting Superman...right in the eye! Sure, hindsight is 20-20, but that high stakes moment almost didn’t make it into the movie.Rbizsupeshot_2
Bryan Singer had to fight hard, super-hero hard, to get that scene into his film. Sources say the studio balked because the scene was expensive and because they found it a little too graphic. Execs also worried that it could raise red flags with the MPAA. After all, Superman gets shot...right in the eye!
At the Hollywood premiere Wednesday night, Singer admitted that the scene wasn’t originally budgeted and getting it in required an impassioned argument: “Look, in one scene we can see him be faster than a speeding bullet and we can truly see how impervious he is. And how every molecule in his body is more than steel. I made a plea in the middle of production and graciously Warner Bros. kicked in some extra cash.”
And just how much extra cash?
“Uh, about $2.3 million. It’s all about that shot.”
Right in the eye!
Singer also said part of the genesis of the scene — which includes the bank robber firing tracer bullets from a giant machine gun on the cops and Superman — came from writer Mike Dougherty’s father.
“Mike’s dad sent us a film of a military demonstration of these amazing tracers and I was like, ‘Wow, we need to see that.’”

Check out this trailer for a tease of the sequence: Link


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