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Comic-Conning Pan's Labyrinth


Guillermo Del Toro is one of those directors who nurtures his fans, putting time and effort (like Kevin Smith and Bryan Singer) into interacting with them.

At yesterday's Pan's Labyrinth Comic-Con panel, for example, where Picturehouse unveiled the new trailer (they're going to do one or two more exclusive showings before putting it up on the web, says Picturehouse chief Bob Berney), Del Toro actually gave out his email address, soliciting people to send him their films.

At dinner last night Del Toro said that he has discovered talented people he has later worked with — four, to be exact. One man is doing music for the Hellboy animated series; another became a storyboard artist on one of his films. One guy approached Del Toro in a haunted house and he met another kid at a Virgin Megastore. On the downside, he's also had to deal with a loony or two — he was once robbed. "If four guys are great and one is bad, I think that's pretty good," he shrugged.

But he firmly believes in keeping those doors open, as others like FX maestro Dick Smith did for him. He spends about two hours each morning answering 50 fan emails a day. He has a mild filtering process; fans are directed to a FAQ before firing off questions the director has previously answered. But while he did blog during production on some of his older films, he doesn't anymore. (Here's his website.) He still needs time to write (he has hopes for his script with L.M. Kit Carson for The Count of Monte Cristo) and check out his favorite Japanese game shows on YouTube—which he thinks should be made available on cell phones.

The eye tattoes on New Line's Nevin Shalit's hands, above, are a Pan's Labyrinth marketing gimmick; this morning Del Toro will sign 500 limited edition posters on the Con show floor; after that, they're gone, that's it. "Otherwise they won't be collectible," he said. Picturehouse has erected a Pan's Labyrinth tree knotted with six holes; those willing to stick their hands into the slime can reach in and grab one of 25,000 keys with the Pan's website address and password on them. The homepages for C.H.U.D. Fangoria and aint-it-cool-news have already alerted the fans. If the Picturehouse staffers see a Con attendee wearing a key, they get a limited edition T-shirt.

Elastic actor Doug Jones, was also at Del Toro's Picturehouse dinner. He plays the title role in Pan's and stars in Hellboy as Abe Sapien, and a Tartutic monster in Lady in the Water. Jones is rumored to be in talks to play the Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four 2. It might be a motion capture performance. He was wearing his suggestive silver shirt and talked about how much he enjoys the work of Andy Serkis (Gollum) and Bill Nighy (Davey Jones).

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