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Russell to Star in Tarantino's Half of Grindhouse


Tar_rod_copyWe're here on the scene at the Con where Quentin Tarantino just announced that Kurt "Snake Plissken" Russell will replace the vanished Mickey Rourke as Stunt Man Mike in his upcoming slasher film Death Proof. Tarantino inked the deal with Russell last night, he said.

"I've always wanted to work with Kurt Russell," Tarantino said. "One of the things that was so great about his John Carpenter movies is the fact that there are a lot of serious actors who wouldn't do them. There's a playfulness about him going that way. Snake Plissken is one of the most iconic characters in the last 20 years, it's fuckin' balls man. I think Stunt Man Mike is one of the best characters I've ever written."Qt_rr_comicon

Rodriguez showed footage from Planet Terror, his half of the Grindhouse double feature, which he hopes to finish filming in a few days. Tarantino plans to start production on Death Proof in four weeks. Rodriguez's footage, featuring Rose McGowan wearing a machine gun leg, earned a standing O.

Comic Con's director of programming asked Rodriguez and Tarantino to stay an extra 30 minutes because Kevin Smith was late. They happily obliged. "You guys are really special, you come down here, stand in line, and it's so fucking hot down here, so we wanted to show you something special," Rodriguez said.

An audience member asked the directors to respond to the old film vs. digital debate (Rodriguez is Qt_rr_con1_1shooting his movie digitally and Tarantino is shooting on film). "Fuck the recording device," Tarantino replied. "It's about the magic."

Tarantino's t-shirt, in AC/DC type, reads: RR [lightingbolt] QT 'Back to Back'

Tarantino also elaborated on his long rumored pet project in downtown Los Angeles. "I've got the rights to one of the last Chinese language movie theaters: the Tsing Lee," Tarantino said. "I plan on showing Chinese language films there." Tarantino also plans to make a Kill Bill prequel about Bill as an anime feature, as well as one about The Bride.

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