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Sundance: Swag and Cusack

Unknown 285cusackjohn101706 My mailbox is full of Sundance promo marketing like this (rife with bad spelling) that I must ignore at the festival while I try to cover new movies and news. But there are thousands of people clogging the roadways and sidewalks in Park City whose primary goal is to collect as much swag and have as much party fun as possible. Which makes it tougher for the rest of us. One way to avoid the craziness is to stay close to the screenings and far away from Main Street, so that you can discover the great thing that Sundance still delivers: new talent and a movie that actually surprises. There's nothing like the face of a filmmaker at the front of the room lit up with joy after a theater has erupted in sustained applause. Last year it was the Little Miss Sunshine directing team, Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton. This year it will be someone else, maybe Jim Strouse, the writer-turned-director of the hot ticket so far among the Sundance entries, Grace Is Gone, starring John Cusack as a grieving father whose wife was killed in Iraq.


Experience the 2007 VW Touareg on a off-road mountain course at Sundance

What: VW will run an off-road driving school 11AM to 5PM January 20th through the 26th. Operated by the world premier Skip Barber Racing School and its team of instructors, the experience will test the mettle of drivers in individual drives and time trials. In about 45 minutes, participants can drive a 2007 VW Touareg SUV from the center of Park City to a challenging bushwhacked off-road mountain course and back to town again. Space is limited so we urge media to book appointments quickly. At the course people can:

· Experience the superior drive characteristics of the Touareg through a variety of exercises

· Check out the Pike’s Peak Touareg on display

· Pick up a new custom music compilation CD from VW and Downtown Records

· Take home a VW fleece blanket as their Joyride incentive

· Enjoy KRUPS coffee and mugs

When: January 20th -26th 11-am until 5pm

Who: Invited Celebrities and Filmmakers Include: TBD

Where: VWHQ Lounge Main Street and Heber


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