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Blogging the Globes

Babelart I heard a good story Saturday night at a Universal dinner party at Lucques to celebrate United 93. I was trying to get director Paul Greengrass to tell me more about The Bourne Ultimatum, which he's been shooting in Europe. He admitted that action was important: he felt the need to top his last Bourne sequel in that sense. OK, and? I understand that Matt Damon has a fierce young nemesis. There's more of Julia Stiles this time. And contrary to some speculation, Bourne will survive to star in another sequel.

But I did love producer Lloyd Levin's United 93 story: apparently the team of editors desperately trying to cut United 93's documentary-like coverage into some kind of shape in just 14 weeks of post-production tried to persuade Greengrass to give them more time: everyone told him to take it. He was the one who insisted that they make the movie in the time they had, and that it would be better for the movie not to overthink it.

I finally met NYT Oscar blogger David Carr, aka the Bagger, at Lucques. We talked about our obsessive blogging behavior; here's his media column on the subject. He seems to be taking live blogging to a new level, if you check his Golden Globes coverage today, and he's doing video interviews as well. This guy is going to be extremely fried if he isn't already.

Here are my Golden Globes picks (btw, while I sometimes have a sense of what makes Oscar voters tick, I have no clue how the Hollywood Foreign Press thinks). And no, I am not blogging live. I will attend the Globes, work the room, take notes, hobnob at all the parties and maybe, if I have any brain cells left, I'll blog when I get back.

Best Drama: Babel
Best Musical or Comedy: Little Miss Sunshine
Director: Martin Scorsese
Actress, Drama: Helen Mirren
Actor, Drama: Forest Whitaker
Actress, Comedy/Musical: Meryl Streep
Actor, Comedy/Musical: Sacha Baron Cohen
Supporting Actor: Brad Pitt
Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson
Screenplay: The Queen
Animation: Happy Feet
Foreign Film: Letters from Iwo Jima


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