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Weinstein and First Look Grab Dedication at Sundance

Sundance07logo_21[Posted by Nicole Sperling] Harvey Weinstein has nabbed another Sundance picture. After a few lower-profile Sundance fests, the indie mogul is back in action as the head of the Weinstein Co., buying his third project of the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, the Justin Theroux-directed "Dedication."

Weinstein purchased the comedic love story in conjunction with First Look Studios for $4 million, as a worldwide co-distribution partnership. Weinstein Co. will take the lead domestically working closely with First Look's Henry Winterstern and Ruth Vitale, while Stuart Ford will oversee the film's international release. From first time director, long-time actor Theroux, the film stars Billy Crudup, Mandy Moore, Tom Wilkinson, and Martin Freeman. Theroux, who is in development on his script Tropic Thunder, with Ben Stiller to star and direct for Dreamworks, seems to be have the stars aligned in his favor. Especially at Sundance, the actor-turned-director is quite busy. He is starring in two Sundance Films, the Magnolia Pictures Broken English and the yet-to-be sold The Ten.

According to UTA's Jeremy Barber, Weinstein was very passionate about the film and the fillmmaker. Following the screening Monday afternoon, he waited outside for the director, attended the party and pursued the project with vigor. “Justin is having his moment," said Barber.

The deal was finally closed in the early morning hours. UTA and Cinetic Media represented the filmmakers.

Here's USA Today's feature on the film.


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