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Oscar Round-Up

Scorsesedga I'm up early working on my sidebars for tonight, due one hour after the Oscarcast is over. I will hit the red carpet in my black suit around 2 PM, along with THR editor Cynthia Littleton and a Getty Images photographer, to wrangle folks to come over to our special THR photo corner on the opposite side of the press bleachers. (No Oscar pre-show this year: Leonard Maltin, Joel Siegel and I had a blast being interviewed live on ABC last year about our Oscar predictions. This year's producer Laura Ziskin asked Vogue's Andre Leon Tally to do fashion commentary instead. He's cool. There's always next year.) THR's Borys Kit will be in the press bleachers, and then the cavernous backstage press room, along with hundreds of press, all in black tie, including THR's Tatiana Siegel and Nicole Sperling, to interview the winners. As soon as the show starts, Cynthia and I will hightail it back to the office to watch the show. (I'll watch it more closely later on TiVo.) Borys will cover Vanity Fair, as he does every year, while Tatiana and I will cruise the Governor's Ball.

If you check out my Gurus o' Gold predictions over at MCN or in the current issue of Premiere, please be aware that I have gone full circle on a few things. Here's my list as of this moment. To tell you the truth, I'm better at picking nominations than winners. I missed Crash. I get invested in certain movies, like Brokeback Mountain. And I'm far too clouded by what the last person just told me, as if they represent everyone.

Picture: Little Miss Sunshine
Actress: Helen Mirren
Actor: Forest Whitaker
Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson
Supporting Actor: Alan Arkin
Foreign Language Film: The Lives of Others
Director: Martin Scorsese
Animated Feature: Happy Feet
Adapted Screenplay: William Monahan
Original Screenplay: Michael Arndt
Art Direction: Pan's Labyrinth
Cinematoraphy: Children of Men
Costume Design: Dreamgirls
Documentary Feature: An Inconvenient Truth
Documentary Short: The Blood of Yingzhou District
Film Editing: Babel
Makeup: Pan's Labyrinth
Original Score: Alexandre Desplat
Original Song: I Need to Wake Up Melissa Etheridge
Animated Short Film: The Danish Poet
Live-Action Short Film: West Bank Story
Sound Editing: Pirates of the Caribbean
Sound Mixing: Pirates of the Caribbean
Visual Effects: Pirates of the Caribbean


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