Hollywood Docket: Animator Says 'Madagascar' Rips off His 'Animal's Night Out'

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Hollywood Docket: Animator Says 'Madagascar' Rips off His 'Animal's Night Out'

Wed May 21, 2008 @ 09:38AM PST

Posted by Matthew Heller

Scales_lit_20070126Case: Davis v. Dreamworks Animation SKG, Case No. 08-CV-8056 (USDC, S. Fla.), filed May 13

Claims: Copyright infringement, fraud

Allegations: Plaintiff Joseph Davis is an animator who was introduced to Dreamworks executive Leslee Feldman by his aunt. Feldman invited him to submit his work to the studio and in 1999 he delivered the story "Animal's Night Out" about zoo animals that escape from New York's Central Park Zoo. Dreamworks turned it down but in May 2005 released "Madagascar", "willfully misappropriat[ing] Davis's original concept, expression, organization, story structure, artistic ideas, comedic devices, styling and look and feel."

Filing attorney: James Graver, Rutherford Mulhall, West Palm Beach, Fla.

To view the complaint, click here.

Case: Anderson v. Conroy, Case No. BC390920 (Los Angeles Superior), filed May 15

Claims: Misrepresentation, rescission of contract, interference with contractual relations

Allegations: Photographer Mark Anderson entered into an agreement with Millington Conroy to photograph a collection of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia. Conroy represented to Anderson that he had acquired the collection from his aunt, who was Monroe's assistant in the 1950s. But in September 2007, Anderson "discovered that Conroy had materially and falsely represented his background and ownership of the Collection." Conroy has also asserted rights to Anderson's photos in an attempt to prevent their publication in Vanity Fair.

Filing attorney: Kenneth Ingber, Ingber & Assoc., Century City

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