Hollywood Docket: G4's 'Great Cougar Hunt' Ensnares Litigious Women

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Hollywood Docket: G4's 'Great Cougar Hunt' Ensnares Litigious Women

Wed Sep 10, 2008 @ 03:41PM PST

By Eriq Gardner

CougarCase: Christine Torres v. G4 Media, Case No. BC397844 (Los Angeles Superior), filed Sept. 9

Claims: Intrusion, intentional infliction of emotional distress, misappropriation, negligence, defamation, unjust enrichment

Allegations: Three plaintiffs claim they were filmed without consent for cable network G4's show, "The Great Cougar Hunt." According to the complaint, G4 approached the plaintiffs at an Agoura Hills, California dance club and asked their permission to videotape them. Plaintiffs says they refused, and G4 taped them anyway. On the show, the plaintiffs were allegedly portrayed as "older women" attempting to pick up younger men at a "world famous cougar hot spot." Plaintiffs demand at least $1 million in damages.

Filing attorney: Neville Johnson

Case: OGM v. Televisa, Case No. CV0805742 (California District), filed Sept. 3

Claims: copyright infringement, breach of contract

Allegations: Plaintiffs allege that defendants, including Televisa, Lions Gate Entertainment, and Univision, infringed upon copyrighted music compositions. According to the complaint, OGM licensed the compositions to Televisa in 2002 and that the agreement terminated in 2005. Televisa was required by the contract to provide "cue-sheets" to document the copyrighted compositions being used in Televisa's television programs. Plaintiffs allege that they failed to get full cue-sheets and that the defendants have been distributing programs containing unauthorized musical compositions.

Filing attorney: Gerald Weiner

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