Watch the John McTiernan documentary blaming Karl Rove for Pellicano scandal

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Watch the John McTiernan documentary blaming Karl Rove for Pellicano scandal

Tue Apr 14, 2009 @ 01:48PM PST

By Eriq Gardner

Of all the conspiracy theories that emanated from the Anthony Pellicano affair, could it be that the craziest of them all has only just surfaced?

The NY Times reports today that John McTiernan, the "Die Hard" director who was threatened with jail time by prosecutors for lying about his connection to Pellicano, believes the entire case was a conspiracy cooked up by Karl Rove to persecute Democrats. McTiernan goes so far as to finger the Bush Administration's need to make a pre-emptive strike against Hillary Clinton's presidential candidacy as a motivating factor for the prosecutions associated with Pellicano. And not just Pellicano, but also the Eliot Spitzer affair and others.

Now it's time for McTiernan's revenge.

According to the NYT, he's releasing a documentary called "The Political Prosecutions of Karl Rove," that will recount Rove's alleged abuses of power. The documentary will be maintained by a group called the Victims of Karl Rove Prosecutions. 

Even better? McTiernan put the whole documentary on the Internet (below). It's veers into Pellicano territory at the 30 minute mark.

Among the claims made:
  • Conservatives became interested in Pellicano after allegations emerged that Hillary Clinton hired Pellicano to investigate Bill Clinton's alleged affairs. 
  • The case against Pellicano was stalled so that it would take place in the spring of 2008, right around the presidential election.
  • The government orchestrated a change of judges in the case. 

 McTiernan also speaks directly to the camera at the 35 minute mark:

The director says he expects to be reindicted within the next month (he pled guilty then withdrew the plea) and that the documentary's potential to fan the flames among prosecutors is a "worry and a concern." You think? 

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