Lawyer earns fan club for exposing Glenn Beck as 'the idiot he is'

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Lawyer earns fan club for exposing Glenn Beck as 'the idiot he is'

Wed Nov 11, 2009 @ 03:14PM PST

By Eriq Gardner

Media lawyers don't generally have groupies, but then again, most don't have the opportunity to teach Fox's Glenn Beck a lesson in the First Amendment.

Marc Randazza is the attorney who represented Isaac Eiland-Hall in an attack by Beck over a satirical website called In September, Randazza filed a remarkable response in a WIPO administrative action defending Eiland-Hall against claims the website was registered in bad faith. Randazza won.


His efforts were noticed by Christopher Jorgensen, who runs a website that trades in a different form of satire. Jorgensen writes over-the-top letters to celebrities and brands, pretending to be a huge fan and requesting autographed pictures.

"I loved how you took Glenn Beck to task and exposed him for the idiot he is," wrote Jorgensen. "You must send me an autographed photo for my shrine. I know this must be a common request for most lawyers, what with their adoring legions of fans and all, but for you it is a requirement."

Randazza wrote back, starting his letter this way: "Thank you for recognizing my awesomeness."

The lawyer promised not to disappoint the founding member of the "Randazza Society." And told his fan not to worry about being sued by Glenn Beck. "He is an asshat, and by the time you get this letter, he will probably have already self-destructed like Morton Downy Junior."

Randazza included a signed autograph over a picture of Gary Coleman. Which, in our book, is pretty much the definition of awesomeness.

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